You can find it for less than 10 cents

You can find it for less than 10 cents

Italians are among the main consumers of bottled water in Europe. However, not all of them are very safe. Let’s see why.

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According to a survey by Altroconsumo, the best water out there and costs just 0.10 cents.

Is bottled water dangerous?

The Italians take first place in the ranking: the consumption of bottled water. They are, in fact, the first of its kind in Europe. However, the selection of bottled water is a particularly complex process. Not only because a file The variety of water on the market is endless But also because bottled water is not always good for health.

In fact, keep in mind that before reaching supermarket shelves, water is bottled from the source and then made a very long journey, often in the sun, even if there is wording on the plastic packaging to keep the bottles away from sources of heat and direct sunlight. The danger is that it becomes carcinogenic when in contact with plastic.

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Not to mention that the plastic of bottled water can contaminate a lot. If you really can’t give it up and start consuming tap water, which is often too controlled, let’s follow”Survey conducted by Altroconsumor.

What is the best packed one?

Before purchasing bottled water it will be necessary to check some nutritional standards for example. Static residue, pH, trace elements, etc. However, not everyone can orient themselves with these values. This is why the primary choice falls on the most nurtured waters.

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Altroconsumo conducted a study that drew the conclusions by putting together a rating of the best water brands to buy. 38 brands analyzed. Criteria considered: Presence of minerals, quality of the bottle, mineral salts and label.

As a result, out of the 38 brands analyzed, only 7 were promoted. The arrangement is as follows:

  • Smeraldina
  • Rocchetta
  • Recuaro
  • St. Bernard
  • Alp Guiza
  • Lauretana

In the first place there SmeraldinaSardinian waters from Tempio di Pausania. Resulting in balanced mineral salts at an average price 0.39 cents, a little more than competitors. What is new, which can save many wallets, is that among the promoted water there is water that costs less than 0.10 cents. It is located around Alp Guiza that flows from the Piedmontese Alps. Recommended if you are on a low sodium diet.

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However, we must bear in mind that the choice of water also depends to a large extent on the lifestyle that you lead and to whom the water is directed. For athletes, for example, it is recommended to use water rich in sodium; For very young children, no.

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