A motorcyclist died in a traffic accident on the Sahel roundabout

A motorcyclist died in a traffic accident on the Sahel roundabout

(ACN) A motorcyclist died This Wednesday in one Traffic accident on the coastal roundaboutOn his way through San Adria de Besos. The accidents occurred around a quarter to nine at kilometer 4.1 in the direction of Llobregat, according to the Catalan Traffic Service (SCT). The Mossos team is investigating Causes of the accident.

They worked on the accident, which led to the closure of the road in the direction of Llobregat Four Mossos d'Esquadra patrolsTwo endowments Firefighters in Generalitat And four units of the emergency medical system (any).

11 motorcyclists were killed in Catalonia this year

According to SCT data, which indicates that it is temporary, 33 people have died on Catalonia's intercity road network so far this year, 11 of them are car drivers. In Barcelona, ​​2024 witnessed three deaths in traffic accidents. The first was A 21 year old boy Who died in a car accident on the coastal roundabout during the day January 1; the second, Rider on a motorcycle The incident on Avinguda Meridiana Street – it was January 11 and she was 32 years old – was also the third driver On which he lost his life February 9 to Coastal tour — In this case, the man was 59 years old.

Throughout 2023 There were 20 deaths In road accidents in Barcelona. There were nine pedestrians, eight motorcyclists, two motorcyclists and one tourist car driver.

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