Bellin and Stefano DiMartino, A New Crisis. “She’s dating another guy,” is this new flame

Bellin and Stefano DiMartino, A New Crisis.  “She’s dating another guy,” is this new flame

Ups and downs. The relationship between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano DiMartino is a constant roller coaster. They are used to it like this. And if he reappeared without his wedding ring when serving the Rai tables, now there’s a reason. Perhaps he wanted to send a message to the sailors. There is an air of the couple’s new crisis, a moment of reflection between the two. Where better to stay away. But where staying away also means meeting other people. And you could have met Belen Elio Lorenzoni, a businessman from Brescia with the physical characteristics she loves: dark hair, a beard, rooted in his work.

Belen and Elio Lorenzoni, photos

All this is documented by a large exclusive photo session from the weekly magazine Che showing the two at the birthday party of Ignazio Moser, partner of his sister Cecilia.

A party where Rodriguez’s parents, Gustavo and Veronica, Belén’s children, Santiago and Luna Maro, friends of the birthday boy, are among the many Andrea Damante and Elisa Visari. Then, just as the party starts, she arrives too, Belen, accompanied by Elio.

Chi’s photographer’s lens focuses on just the two. Gestures of understanding and complicity – writes the weekly run by Alfonso Signorini -. At the end of the day, the girl’s parents leave in her car, taking Santiago, while she gets into Lorenzoni’s car with Luna Maru. Under Belin’s house.”

new life

Belen Rodriguez has always accustomed us to big changes. at work (he left Tú sí que vales and Le Iene) but above all in his private life. The arrival of Luna Maru’s romance with Antonio Spinalbes was the greatest demonstration. Now it is up to Elio to take a leading role in Belen’s life. At least until Stefano returns to her again.

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