The best time and day to stock up on petrol or diesel anywhere in Spain

The best time and day to stock up on petrol or diesel anywhere in Spain

It is clear that although the price of gasoline and diesel in our country is currently not as high as it was a few months ago, when the barrier of 2 euros per liter was overcome in both cases, there are still many drivers who… Spain Who are looking for different ways to save fuel.

In this sense, there are many factors that the driver influences. On the one hand, the most recommended thing to ultimately save fuel is to change the way you drive, looking for more efficient driving through different strategies in which the engine suffers less and, thus, we end up extending the range of the car’s autonomy. Hence visiting the gas station less.

On the other hand, although drivers cannot do anything about the price set at gas stations, they can search for gas stations with lower prices through different applications or through different web pages. In many cases, although obviously they are not usually the gas stations closest to home, it is very useful to make a small trip and end up saving a few euros on each visit to fill our tanks.

Best time to fill the tank

As for the best time of the week to refuel, there are clearly several factors at play. As for days, while it’s true that the gas station ends up setting its own prices, it’s no secret that, as with many other products, the law of supply and demand ends up being the determining factor.

Therefore, it is known that prices on Saturdays and Sundays are much higher than during the week, among other things because the demand is greater. In this way, Better, if possible, is to bet on stocking up on Mondayone of the days when prices are usually lower in the vast majority of gas stations in Spain.

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Regarding time, the difference here is greater, although as they have pointed out on several occasions Consumers and Users Organizationusually around midnight Organic Agriculture The early hours of the morning When prices are usually lower.

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