Real Olimpia Radio comments on the rumors about Austin Rivers and Juan Nunez

Real Olimpia Radio comments on the rumors about Austin Rivers and Juan Nunez

“Austin Rivers, at the moment I know that he is a proposed player, and Olimpia Milano is monitoring him. But this is completely normal. “In the front office there is discussion about all the names that could be interesting, so it is likely that Milan will also have information about Rivers.”

“He was an excellent player in the NBA, more of a point guard than a point guard, but he still knows how to read situations and in Europe he can play as a point guard. “He was known as a good defender, even if some in the United States had doubts, but he has important physical qualities for Europe.”

“I understand the name doesn’t warm hearts much, anyway. This is what the newspaper wrote and I completely agree with that.”

About Juan Nunez

“This news was made today (yesterday, ed.) on the ship Prialpina, and I will quickly tell you who it is. The playmaker, born in 2004, is Spanish, and plays as a first-choice goalkeeper at Ulm, among other things, on a two-year contract. He is a product of Real Madrid. Last year he played his first season in Ulm, in the European Cup the numbers were 7.6 points, 3.3 rebounds, 4.5 assists, 1.1 steals.

“He played a good World Cup, with steals numbers that could be very attractive. “It is possible that he could be released via a buyout and could be registered immediately, but I am not aware of any negotiations underway at the moment.”

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