Microsoft, 8 free certificates to enrich your CV and knowledge: Start now

Microsoft, 8 free certificates to enrich your CV and knowledge: Start now

Microsoft has created some very useful (and primarily free) courses to help people gain different types of digital skills.

In recent years, the importance of digital professions has increased significantly and professional figures have emerged that did not exist before. Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Program Manager: To many people these names may seem like just very strange job names, but in fact these are some of the most promising careers that can be done in recent years.

Acquiring new skills, especially in the digital field, is essential to keep up with the times in the job market –

As a result of this new trend, on the Internet Courses aimed at acquiring digital skills have multiplied necessary to work in these sectors. In recent years, there has been real speculation on the part of training institutions, as the courses were often very expensive and not really useful. However, the demand for these numbers in the labor market is there for all to see. So the same big tech companies have offered courses that are able to train more and more people. One of the many companies is Microsoft, which currently offers various courses, in most cases for free.

An opportunity not to miss: useful and free courses

The certifications in question are the result of a collaboration between Microsoft and Linkedin Learning, the social network’s digital training platform dedicated to career development. The course that received the most appreciation, especially in recent months, was the “Generative artificial intelligenceAs the course description itself states, “Artificial Intelligence has already become part of our daily lives. Understanding how it works and how to use it can help open up new opportunities“.

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By attending the course you will have the opportunity to Learn about the basic concepts of artificial intelligence. After a brief overview of the main tools exploiting this new technology, the ethical aspect of using generative AI will also be explored. In the course, special attention is paid to Bing, the artificial intelligence developed by Microsoft, and it will be shown how this tool can be used to make one’s work more flexible.

On the LinkedIn platform you can find very interesting training courses, organized in cooperation with Microsoft (Photo –

Another course that is highly appreciated by users is “Cyber ​​security“, where users will have the opportunity to learn about the main digital threats of the current era and what are the main contrast technologies. In addition to this type of training courses, the collaboration between Microsoft and LinkedIn has also created a series of lessons dedicated to specific professional personalities.

You can come”Project management“, where you closely explore the key activities of this role, such as project planning and budgeting, risk assessment and management, and practice with major project management software.

The list does not end here: on the platform you can find training courses for “Business analyst“,”Data scientist“,”programs developer“,”Systems manager” And “Administrative professionalAll lessons are free until 2025 and are offered in English.

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