Opening of the Museum of Illusions: A journey between art and science awaits you at Palazzo Barolo – Turin News

Opening of the Museum of Illusions: A journey between art and science awaits you at Palazzo Barolo – Turin News

Prepare to be captivated by an unparalleled visual experience. The wait is almost over! Friday, September 15 at 5 p.mIt will be one dayOpening Museum of Illusions At the historian Barolo Palace.

Once they cross the threshold of the museum, visitors will be welcomed Seventy extraordinary installations and images That defies perception and deceives the eye. From still images that appear to move frantically, to parallel lines that appear to intersect each other, Each installation promises to amaze and enchant. As he explains Vincenzo Florio“Psychiatrist and researcher in cognitive mechanisms”When we notice something, our brain synthesizes what we see, but often… What we perceive is not always what it seems“.

But these are not just static illusions. The museum is proud to present a series of Multimedia and interactive installationsWhich shows how virtual reality can do this Changing our perception of things. These works, which combine art and science, offer visitors a profound insight into the fragile The relationship between images and reality.

And don’t be afraid to get lost in A maze of illusions! the professor Umberto L’Experta wonderful virtual guide, will be by your side, and reveal to you Secrets of physics and mechanisms of visual perception. An adventure suitable for everyone, from young to old, with affordable tickets: €10 for adults and a discounted price of €8 for Turin Museum ticket holders.

This exceptional project was made possible byInternational Group Initiative “Gallery of Illusions”Known for his experience in promoting successful exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

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For more information, please visit the website Or call the information point at number 3791577359.

For communication and details about the event, please contact the journalist Maria Angela Massino To the number 3381999489 Or via email at [email protected].

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to indulge World of illusions! We look forward to seeing many of you in Barolo Palace. Be amazed, contemplate, and above all, have fun!

Museum of Illusions

Address: Palazzo Falletti Barolo – Via delle Orfane, 7 A – Turin

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 379.1577359 (WhatsApp also)

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