In a video, before another –

In a video, before another –

Damien From Maneskin e Georgia Soleri they broke up.

In the past few hours on social media A video has been circulated in which the singer was photographed with another girl. The video was posted by a user on TikTok And it spread instantly. In the photos, taken at the disco, you can see the Front guy kisses another girlso much so that he quickly made a statement.

– Screenshot of Damiano’s Instagram message

Indeed, it was he, with an Instagram story, who announced the separation from the influencer and activist: «I am very sorry that this video appeared, it was not about the way we wanted to handle the situation and it was my fault. Georgia and I have decided to separate for a few days now So there was no betrayal of any kind. Damiano determines -. I hope that this does not affect the image of Georgia and that it respects the tenderness of this moment ».

Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri, 24 and 27 respectively, were engaged Four years ago And they lived together in Rome, together with their three cats: although they both took care of their privacy, they often shared moments of their life together on social networks. The last photos that show them cuddling, seemingly in love, are from a few weeks ago, when the singer was back in Rome after the conclusion of Manskin’s European tour. “More and more every day,” Soleri wrote on May 12, under a photo of him kissing his partner. Today, however, the news of the separation.

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