Re-read the words immediately before Roma-Real Sociedad

Re-read the words immediately before Roma-Real Sociedad

Everything is ready to take on the challenge of going in Round of 16 of the European League between Rome And Real Sociedad. Loaded with the important league victory over Juventus, the Giallorossi wants to perform well in front of their fans against one of the revelation teams in the league. league. On the eve of the game at the Olympic Stadium, scheduled for 18:45, Coach Jose Mourinho Present the challenge at a press conference, answering journalists’ questions. He immediately recalled his words.


Rui Patricio Two Sky: “The Europa League is like the Champions League”

Even the Giallorossi goalkeeper Speak into microphones Sky Sports: “Are you clean sheets in a row? It’s not only for me, but also for the team, it’s important not to concede a goal. We haven’t conceded a goal at home, we have to keep working, that’s the most important thing. We have to keep not conceding any.” A goal both at home and away.It’s an important game for us.I think experience is important for how we prepare for it,but we must always give our best.Real Sociedad?They are a tough team.This season the Europa League is like the Champions League,there are teams with quality The most important thing is how we have to play tomorrow and we have to give our best.”

3:38 p.m

Mourinho to Sky: “The fans give us extra energy”

The Giallorossi coach also spoke into microphones Sky Sports: “We have people with experience, some less. And we played in the conference last year, we got to the final, that brings substance to this idea. It is important to know that there are two games to play. At this level it is very difficult to decide everything after it is confirmed. That everything will be decided after the return. We will have to manage these feelings well. Real Sociedad? They are fourth in the league with the top three having huge economic potential. Paradoxically, Real Sociedad, who has less, does more. It has an important youth sector, Technical players. The coach was born there, played and grew up there. It’s not easy to find weaknesses in it. Roma’s growth? The job doesn’t change. We don’t lack organization. We have a game based on organization, structured to hide our problems and enhance strengths. Thanks boys, as well “Empathy on the pitch even in difficult moments. It’s not that we always win at home, however, creating empathy for the fans gives us important extra energy. Tomorrow’s training? Maybe I play with centre-backs, so we can play Abraham and Belotti together.”

3.25 p.m

Rui Patricio: “I’m proud to have the Curva Sud behind me”

“For us it’s such a privilege to feel the support from the curve behind me, it gives us a lot of motivation to play in front of a packed stadium. I’m sure tomorrow we’ll be able to count on their usual support, it’s going to be a privilege to hear it again and hopefully they can really help us.” Starting from tomorrow, when this important path to the goal begins. Thus ends the press conference Roy Patricio.

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3:22 p.m

Roy Patricio: ‘Smalling is a pillar’

“Smalling? He’s already proven to be a pillar of this team. He’s essential for me and the team. As for his contract, it’s not up to me to talk about him, but I can’t help but say he’s very good. On a human level, too. He’s a lad who deserves all the best possible.” .

3:19 p.m

Roy Patricio responds to the criticism

“For me, what matters is working your best, giving your best. We’ve already had several clean sheets this year, but what matters is winning games, if you concede goals and don’t win, that’s not the point. We have to stick to the maximum.” It can. Criticism is part of the job, it’s important not to distract us.”

3:16 p.m

Rui Patricio: “Many goals to conquer”

“Doing well? It’s a job that comes from afar, we must always improve and do our best as a team and as an individual. We concede fewer goals, that’s the result of team work. We must keep growing because there are a lot of goals to overcome.”

3:13 p.m

Ru Patricio’s press conference begins

The words end Mourinhowhich leaves room for Roy Patricio: “Tomorrow we have a great European evening. I hope the fans help us win, as they always have this season. I thank them for the support.”

3:11 p.m

Mourinho: Dybala is very excited

“Dybala is more complete? Merit for him and the team. He has found a sympathetic group and the love of the fans. I try to manage him physically, he has had a difficult past. He arrives very motivated, motivated to play in the World Cup he won. He feels important because he is important, and his motivation is renewed. I Said, he is an extraordinary boy who deserves such affection. Thus ends the press conference Mourinho.

3:07 p.m

Mourinho: “I can’t change people’s DNA”

“From a physical point of view, I think we are in high quality hands, we have a sports coach and people who work with him at the highest level. Even my way of working with Salvatore, all the exercises we do always have a purpose on a physical level. I think that on a physical level we are doing great.” Then, the DNA of individuals is something you can’t change: There are players who can play every day.To name someone who no longer plays, Javier Zanetti can play 7 games a week, and then there are other players who have suffered a little more in the recent Roma rankings, including In that my ranking, we’ve been 6th, 7th the year before and 6th the year before or 7th again: that doesn’t help, it’s a balancing act where you end up one point up or down, sixth, seventh, eighth or fifth, don’t live with that pressure. The mind gets used to that and gets used to being calm by not feeling this pressure. We are developing under a d that has many aspects. In the first year we talked about great matches, we lost twice against Juventus, against Milan, against Inter. This year we beat Juventus and Interna and drew with Milan. In This regard, I think the team has grown mentally. Keep having to win three games in one week is something we struggle with.”

3:03 p.m

Mourinho on the disqualification

“I don’t talk about my disqualification until the end of the trial. After that I have no problem answering a couple of questions. But for the time being, it seems right to me to respect the process and not say anything.”

2:57 p.m

Mourinho: There is only one Ibrahim who interests me

“Abraham has fewer goals than last season? There is only one that interests me. Ibrahim, a team player who was also on the bench with Juventus and celebrated the goal in the corner. He scored. I understand he can score more goals, but for me the contribution he makes to the team is More important. In the last game he played very well for a quarter of an hour, doing what the team needed. What a striker does has a direct relationship with what the team does, in Cremona we played poorly as a team. He and Belotti did well against Juventus and that’s what I expect. A goal Or no goal, it’s important for me to see a player in the team “For Abraham it was a unique week in his life: his first child was born, so much joy, so much desire to play and score goals for us. If the two work well for the team, that’s enough for me.”

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2:52 p.m

Mourinho: Greetings to Real Sociedad

“Oyarzabal is very good, but I’m much more than him. The most important thing is how they play as a team. Defensively they are very well organized and up front they don’t just live on the quality of the players. The system plays easily from match to match or even in the match itself. From 4-4-2 They go 4-3-3, giving mobility to attacking players.It’s a fantastic team, in a league I know well with three teams that have economic potential unmatched with those coming after the Europa League group stage where they found Manchester United and winning at Old Trafford, I can only congratulate you.

2:48 p.m

Mourinho: “We were unlucky in the draw”

Real Sociedad is an excellent team and it is hard to find their weaknesses. Emmanol is certainly a very good coach, and the team is well organized both defensively and offensively. It has good players technically. Finishing fourth in La Liga behind the three giants is a lot of things. They have high quality. We were not lucky in the draw But when you’re in the Europa League, especially this season with a high-quality championship, it’s tough. They have the same respect for the Roma that we have for them.”

2.45 p.m

Mourinho’s press conference begins

The Giallorossi coach enters the press room: The press conference begins.


The Olympics are always sold out, the video goes viral

Domain factor will be very important for Romewhich you can count on Great support From his fans in the match against Real Sociedad. Stadio Olimpico has been playing for a year now Roma was always sold out at home: shAn explosion of joy spread on social media. (read all)


Roma – Real Sociedad, referee

It will be the whistle of Switzerland Sandro Sharer to rule Roma – Real SociedadThe first leg of the round of 16 of the European League. The assistants will be compatriots Stefan de Almeida and Bechem Zogai, fourth governor Lucas Vanderich. Mouse Fedai-san assisted by Lionel Chodi.

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2 p.m

Roma, a previous precedent with a Spanish team

last time it was Rome Crossed paths with a Spanish team in Round of 16 of the European League It was in the 2019/20 edition, vs Seville. On that occasion, the Giallorossi were eliminated, losing 2-0 in a back-to-back match field neutral.

1.50 p.m

Diego Llorente challenges his former club

Special match for DrI mean UrenteWho will return to cross his former team: “For me it will taste special, I spent unforgettable years at Real Sociedad, it will be two good matches.” Then when transferred to Rome: “I was surprised by the crowd’s support cheering the team from the first moment to the last, only if you experience all this personally can you truly understand.” (read all)


Mourinho data in the European League

Looking at the stats, the Rome He will have a great advantage in the first leg. actually Jose Mourinho he have He won 14 of his 16 races Home in the European League. The only two matches that were not properly won came against Spanish teams: Celta Vigo in May 2017 (1-1 with Manchester United) and Real Betis this season, who beat Roma at home 2-1.


Roma-Juventus, Dybala’s gesture to Mourinho

Meanwhile we continue to talk about victory Rome On the Juventus In the final round of Division I AA Victory suffer Even on the bench, withAnd Dazn cameras on the sideline that photographed gesture From the great ex Dybala In the last seconds of the match. That’s what he did. (read all)


Roma – Real Sociedad, an unprecedented challenge

Roma and Real Sociedad are not not faced in any European competition. So it will be an unprecedented challenge between the two teams. The Spaniards have it balance From one win, two draws and three defeats in six matches played against Italian teams in the main European competitions. Instead, the Giallorossi have picked up just two wins in their last 15 matches against Spain’s opponents, with three draws and ten defeats.

1:15 p.m

Rui Patricio in a conference with Mourinho

Along with Special One there will be a press conference Roy Patricio. Portuguese goalkeeper He wasn’t used to talking much, but he would make an exception given L criticism received in the past few weeks. (read all)

1:10 p.m

Mourinho speaking at the press conference

On the eve of the first leg of the round of 16 of the European League against Real SociedadThe Giallorossi coach will answer reporters’ questions at the press conference.

Fulvio Bernardini Sports Center – Trigoria

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