Kalolo Milan cover man: He paid 450 thousand euros, now it is worth 20 million | first page

Kalolo Milan cover man: He paid 450 thousand euros, now it is worth 20 million |  first page

The protagonist you wouldn’t expect. Pierre Kalolo gave the win to AC Milan With a goal, first in the league, is as beautiful as it is important for the championship race. “Put” the right foot around the far corner to leave the excellent deputy petrified. He is precisely the youngest of the Rossoneri soldiers who chased away ancient ghosts and fears because Empoli gave them the feeling of being able to repeat what Udinese did at San Siro two weeks ago. Only the great Maignan spoiled Aurelio Andreazzoli’s tactical plan. What a shot – Stefano Pioli, at the press conference, also asked for less beautiful victories. He was satisfied immediately. Milan, after a convincing start, as soon as they scored the goal, lowered themselves too much to defend the score. When training resumes, coach Emilian will certainly analyze a side to improve: some matches must be closed, otherwise the risk of humiliation will always be around the corner. But on a cold San Siro night, Milan can return home, in addition to the three base points, Another confirmation of the presence of a first-class defender in his hands. Pierre Kalolo has everything to become a key player in this team: The ability to blast, ability to defend in the open field and good skills at height. It’s also getting a lot better technically. I paid 450,000 euros to Lyon (a promotion bonus), and now it is no less than 20 million euros. A small masterpiece in the market, signed by the survey district and the Maldini-Massara duo. Pierre is persuaded and is heading towards the renewal that will come at the end of this season: an additional year of contract (until 2026) with a net salary adjustment. Because this talent should be armored without hesitation.

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