His wife Angela, his three daughters, and the fairy tale of Bologna

Let’s talk about this. “Motta makes Guardiola’s movements almost schoollike: he is unreadable on the field.” he said that Ivan JurekAnd not a fan of the bar. The Torino coach was his partner in Genoa. The two are very close, Juric is one of the best coaches in Serie A. Thiago is revolutionizing football, and Bologna is doing different and new things. He is a genius, a beautiful coach and a great team.” Maybe Yorick is wrong.

Maybe he was wrong Arrigo sake Which he never got. “I would like to see one of his exercises, I would like to study it.” At the end of the 1980s, the former national coach brought football into the modern era, and he is a revolutionary. last? Yes please. Fabio Capello: “He is one of my favorite players, he makes everyone do their best. He has the right personality, he is a former midfielder. All the great coaches are: Guardiola, Conte, Xabi Alonso, Ancelotti, Arteta, Allegri, Xavi.”

A Leicester-style fairy tale

Mota is actually a pain in the ass. He said this about himself and Bologna: “We are the pain in the back of the Italian League.” Thiago is never rude. He doesn’t look like a disheveled genius. He only turns into Jose Mourinho when he argues with the referees. He’s obsessed. He locks himself in the art center from morning until evening and studies. Videos, matches, opponents, solutions. He manages training and is back to planning new strategies, dramatic moves like Ravaglia and Odgaard starting for Napoli. “But you make me sound boring, come on, I’m not.” You are right, there is nothing more beautiful than… His bologna. Leicester-style fairy tale. Rainieri’s previous side won the Premier League in 2016 with little-known players and Sir Claudio, who was sacked a few months ago by Greece after a thrilling home loss to the Faroe Islands.

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Beginnings and arrival in the city

Everyone knew who Thiago Motta was, but they didn’t believe he was a football genius. A very fine footballer’s pedigree: a former ‘treble-taker’ for Mourinho’s Inter in 2010 and a former midfielder for the Azzurri in the 2012 European Championship final, where they lost 4-0 to Spain. Thiago had a bad start as a coach. A few months in Genoa and then he was dismissed by President Enrico Preziosi. “In 2019, I quickly found him in a difficult situation and had to fire him, but I was completely convinced that he would start his career.” The following year, a miracle of salvation was achieved at La Spezia, as the club was unable to access the transfer market due to the blockade imposed by FIFA. A thousand times on the verge of being sacked, Thiago always saved himself at the last minute. Out at the end of the season. The following year, without his guidance, Spezia was relegated to the second division. While he arrives in Bologna in the worst conditions instead of Mihajlovic. Sick for some time and not looking good. One point in four games, people boo and don’t understand a coach who is so far ahead, like Steve Jobs in football. He dreams of a scheme he has never heard of: 2-7-2. It sounds like a line from Lino Banfi’s film The Coach in the Balloon, with Oronzo Canà introducing the 5-5-5 and his ‘B-zone’.

“the teacher”

It’s just another perspective, the new way of seeing the field. Thiago explains that applying the theory is considered impossible. The new way of football, which was well described in his university thesis on the coaching course at Coverciano, entitled “The Value of the Ball – The Tool of the Trade at the Heart of the Game”. Score 108/110. In Motta’s world, the recreational ball gradually became ‘an instrument of collective play, an expression of a more complex form of collective play’ and above all ‘the most valuable asset’: its loss, in any playing situation, was ‘a kind of football crime’. Theory and practice. Bologna is the second team in terms of possession in the Italian League. In short, it is not an exercise in style. “He has the right solutions, he exchanges them, and he is constantly looking for the match, without being short when turning the ball,” confirms Giovanni Galleone, another pioneer in the region. For the team, Motta is “the pro”, as defender Lucumi calls him. Rossoblu president Joey Saputo called it “weird.” In the city for everyone is Santhiago. Thrifty, out of the limelight, he wanders under the corridors like any other tourist. Stop for a selfie with Cesare Cremonini. He embraces devotees, admirers, acquaintances and journalists and trusts no one. He melts when, at night, upon his return from away matches, he finds the cheering crowds waiting for him and the team bus in Castelldepool. His wife, Angela Lee, resides in Portugal with their three daughters. My number one fan is her. “A lot of work, dedication, study, a lot of physical and mental commitment: seeing you grow is amazing, I hope you conquer the world,” she dedicated to her husband.

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His future

Fairy tales are fairy tales only if “in the end everyone lives happily ever after.” However, Bologna in the Champions League is not the last page of history, but rather the most beautiful, yes. It has never happened before, and it will probably happen again, and it will never happen again in such an unexpected and resounding way. It should be the grand finale, the curtain comes down and applause, and everyone goes home. There is no better ending. Instead, there is one final chapter to live through: Thiago’s future. Is he going or staying? Juventus, Bologna, English Premier League. Everyone wants it, no one gets it. Best coach without a contract since June 30. Clues are spread by the professional like a smoke screen. Amal Rossoblu: “At the end of the season, I will talk to the club. I am happy here.” Drama for Rossoblu: “My future is not important, let’s enjoy the moment.” Everything and its opposite.

It’s not about money or big clubs. Juventus courted him, Milan tried, and Bologna had a great love story. The future is solely in the hands of Mago Thiago, who has become the Man of the Year, the Decade and the Future of Football. Go or stay, either way it will be success. For him, definitely.

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