Mauro Corozi, aka Platinette, has suffered a stroke: how is

Mauro Corozi, aka Platinette, has suffered a stroke: how is
to Maria Volpe

The TV person, as well as the radio speaker, suffered a stroke on Tuesday 14 March, but thanks to the timely intervention of the emergency services, his condition is now stable.

Mauro Corozi (aka Platinette) stable. There is a mixture of optimism and anxietyTuesday March 14th he had a stroke. Fortunately, he was saved in time and this allowed him to act immediately from a therapeutic point of view. His agent has announced that conditions are stable and a series of investigations are underway. Friends assure that the interventions were swift and this should bode well.

Mauro was doing well, he posted a video on Instagram the day before he fell ill He talks about music, the return of vinyl, the new record player in his house. Do as always listen to sweetheart Mina. And under this video are many messages from Coruzzi’s friends and colleagues who wanted to show affection and closeness to him.

Coruzzi is a theatrical variety artist: performer, conductor, speaker, DJ, columnist, author, writer Which over the years has contributed to the world of music and television. For a time, he was part of the stable cast of a Saturday afternoon show on Rai1, Italy led by Marco Llorni who wrote: “Our ‘Mauro felt sick last night, fortunately he was immediately rescued. They told us from the hospital that it was a stroke. Also from here, send him a very strong hug with the wg “Italia S!” In its entirety, with us since 2018 and a pillar of the programme. Come Mauro!.

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Even Milli Carlucci, who spoke yesterday on Rai1’s Italian Stories, sent a message of support to Mauro.: I know him well because we worked together on Dancing With The Stars, but also on The Masked Singer (which starts again tonight). It was a big tiger. I picked him because he said “I’m really not on the outside, but I might be on the inside,” Millie said. To which he then added: Mauro is a character of great culture, of great depth, a deep man. With truly extraordinary fighting power. Good luck, come on, come on, we are all with you!. A man who has fought many battles on different fronts: from health (the famous diets he underwent, including an operation to shrink the stomach), to gay rights. He was cast as Platinette by The Maurizio Costanzo Show and has participated in many programs as a guest or talent judge. He has also published some books and made recordings. He also participated in two occasions at the Sanremo Festival.

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