“Hypnosis period”: Maria de Filippi devastated by shock, the revelation is frightening – The Democrat

“Hypnosis period”: Maria de Filippi devastated by shock, the revelation is frightening – The Democrat

Maria de Filippi and the terrible trauma she has faced in her life. Talk about this in an interview

Few have been able to achieve such a high level of fame as he did before Maria de Filippi Throughout his career. We are talking about one of the women of Italian television, around which today she is also gathering significant success thanks to programs that have become a real cult over time. Thus De Filippi managed to build a real empire, which, among other things, also made fortunes for Mediaset itself, which today is based on the great work of the presenter of the program during her career.

Maria de Filippi (web source)

And so Canal 5 is full of those programs that Maria herself edited very stingly. Just thinking about the work done with ‘men and women‘, one of the longest-running formats but actually didn’t miss a thing. Every afternoon, thousands of people connect with Canale 5 to see what’s happening in the studio, the dynamics that are created between the ladies and the riders. It is all supported by Marie, conductor of the orchestra with great sympathy.

Without forgetting, then, also those programs that target the youngest. in this meaning ‘friends‘He takes a very important role, above all because he is able to speak to the new generations. Also in these cases, the results in terms of audience are very important, and make the program one of the most important talent shows in the Italian table. There is also an importance given to it by the large number of artists trained in the program, who later managed to achieve success also in the world of entertainment.

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Maria de Filippi and Hypnosis, the Absurd Revelation of the Presenter

Maria de Filippi
Maria de Filippi (web source)

Ms. De Filippi is a resolute woman, and this is also an important aspect of her success. In his life, he also had to face very complex moments, some of which are also connected with his relationship with Maurizio Costanzo. The latter, a friend of Giovanni Falcone, was the victim of an attack in 1993 in Rome, in via Fauro. Also with him was Maria, who later had to face the shock of such a terrible event.

How did you overcome that dramatic experience that could have become a true tragedy? With a prolonged period of hypnosis. I was afraid of everything. At some point I allowed myself to be promised Maurizio Who will never talk about the topic again”, Mariah’s words to the microphones of “Vanity Fair”. In short, even in this case, De Filippi had to dismiss the artists and all the charisma that characterizes him.

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