RAM TRX: We drove a V8 pickup with 700+ horsepower

RAM TRX: We drove a V8 pickup with 700+ horsepower

You see a few here – Cars are often bought based on very specific needs, to make room for an extended family, for example, or to reduce consumption to a minimum if you cover many kilometers. But this is not always the case, especially if you have Nice full piggy bank And you want to satisfy the desire to own something that practically no one has: that's why there are those who put a sports car or maybe a car in the garage American, of those that cannot usually be seen on the Old Continent. And what vehicle better exemplifies the cliché of “Yankee” vehicles than a massive pickup with a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 like a car? Ram TRX?

Can go anywhere (size allows) – Made in Michigan by rama brand of Stellantis Galaxy dedicated to the design of pickups and other work vehicles TRX It's not just a commercial vehicle in terms of price and mechanical components: in America it costs about $100,000 withImportedTaxes and approval costs for our country become approx 160,000 euros Some dealers deal with cars not officially imported into Europe. At this price, which is comparable to many luxury cars and SUVs, Ram TRX It offers all the space and practicality of a huge pickup (592cm long, 224cm wide and 206cm high) as well as the mechanicals off road “Powerful and pure” with side frame, lower gears, and 35-inch 325/65/R18 all-terrain tires Shock absorption Electronically controlled by Bilstein, it is so resistant that it allows a very heavy SUV (dry weighing about 3 tons) to jump between dunes.

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A “monster” under the hood – But the real hero of the driving experience, at least until you find limitless spaces far from the asphalt where you can go at full speed, is engineThe same 6.2L V8 With the Dodge Charger Challenger and Charger Hellcat, here is something that can be improved 712 hp and 880 Nm From the couple. Impressive power and in some ways unusable in such a large pickup, but it allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 4 seconds and reach a top speed (self-limited, naturally) of 160 km/h . the voice This American V8 engine has two valves per cylinder arousing at all speeds and is combined with the loud hiss of the huge volumetric compressor that draws air from the large air inlets on the hood, specific to this model.

How it is made and how it works – Inside Ram TRX It's a real living room: there's plenty of space for all five passengers who enjoy plenty of storage space and a high overall quality of finish and assembly, with different soft materials for the dashboard and door panels. Keeping up with the times Technology on board, with a large display of the multimedia system in the center of the dashboard, a digital dashboard and all the most important electronic driving assistants. But how does it feel to drive such a large and different car on our often narrow and congested roads? TRX RAM knows how to give Lots of fun Even on this side of the ocean? All answers can be found in vThe idea is below.

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