Empoli-Torino 3-2, Juric: “We played a great match, it was fate”

Empoli-Torino 3-2, Juric: “We played a great match, it was fate”

Ivan Juric's statements after the 3-2 match between Empoli and Torino

After the 3-2 match between Empoli and Torino, Torino coach Ivan Juric spoke into the microphones Sky Sports To comment on the match. Below are his statements.

Did errors in attack, i.e. goals not achieved, carry more weight, or errors at the back?We had never played so well at Empoli before, and we created so many scoring chances. But we made a lot of mistakes. Conceiving a goal from a sideline error, then from a counter-attack, then that thing at the end…it seemed like fate. But the team played great football, they played well against Empoli who were performing well before us, they performed much better against us than in the other matches.“.

Looking at the derby, what needs to be done now?I saw them realize what a great game they played in terms of the chances created. We conceded four shots. But we also realize that when you make such mistakes, you will be punished. We will get someone back. The team has been in good shape for months. Today we did many things well but it is unfortunate some details that were crucial.“.

You've conceded goals in your good moments. Did you lose this game because you tried to win it and got caught?No, because when the score was 2-2 we had another chance to score. It's not that we reacted violently. It was a normal and manageable situation, the kind that happens many times. Raul made a bad decision and we paid the price for it. Looking at the stats, there's not much to say about the performance, but then we made huge mistakes on all three goals. what should I say? In the match, I think we performed very well in terms of play and intensity, but we managed to concede three goals, unfortunately that's how it went.“.

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Do you think the European goal has been compromised? When the team plays well but the players make mistakes, I'm less angry, and if that happens I'm disappointed. When I see how the team plays, how they move on the field, and how they keep playing when they lose, I feel confident. Let's hope we don't have any more infections. Now let's prepare well for the derby. I've seen the team well for months. However, this defeat was not needed. However, I am convinced that we will continue to play well in the last seven matches“.

What did you say to Bellanova?I'm sorry. It has already happened that he paid the price for sensational mistakes, such as Ginitis at Monza. Bellanova has made incredible progress, mistakes happen, and now he must show up to the next training session looking calm. In that case he thought he wanted to win, so instead of throwing it into a sideline foul, he thought about turning it around to try and get another chance to attack.“.

Does your confidence in Torino give you the feeling of being able to win your first derby?The team is fine and we will try with all our hearts to achieve victory“.

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