For just 8 euros you can make any device in your home smart!

For just 8 euros you can make any device in your home smart!

Do you want a completely smart home or office? Then you should take into consideration that even the most unexpected devices can turn into smart devices and this aspect will change your life and the way you use certain things forever. Well, here you go Amazon’s offer is interesting About the smart socket TP-Link Taboo P100. The list price of €12.99 drops to the bare minimum 8.99 euros Thanks to the 31% discount. You can connect water heaters, coffee machines, washing machines, and many other non-smart appliances to this socket.

This smart socket is equipped with Remote access With the relative possibility of controlling the devices connected to it wherever the Internet is available using Taboo app Installed on your smartphone or tablet. With the latter, it is also possible to plan the socket so that it automatically supplies power as needed, such as by setting the lights at dusk and turning them off at dawn.

The TP-Link Tapo P100 smart plug is Also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant So you can control it simply using your voice. thanks for the’Amazon Frustration-Free Setup (FFS)Installation is faster than ever with Alexa: Use your Echo device to configure the outlet via voice command. Among the most interesting modes is the Assist mode that allows you to turn your devices on and off at programmed intervals to simulate being at home.

Technically, the TP-Link Tapo P100 smart plug can support maximum power load 2300 watts and 10 amps. This data is guaranteed by strict quality controls by the TP-Link laboratory and certifications from the responsible global body. In short, if you have not figured it out, you are faced with a very high-quality product, so we advise you to go to Amazon immediately and take advantage of it. From the amazing offer by 31% To bring this technological gem to your home for just money 8.99 euros. Deliveries are fast and free throughout Italy with Amazon Prime.

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