R3 de Rodalis, in the territory's goal due to continuous incidents

R3 de Rodalis, in the territory's goal due to continuous incidents

TakeR3 by Rodalis It has become an adventure since last February 2, when service was resumed in the section between Parets del Vallès and la Garriga (Vallès Oriental) after four months of Adif work. Train delays, disruptions and cancellations are an everyday occurrence and for at least a few days Dozens of accidentsMost of them relate to infrastructure failures and loss of voltage on the tracks. On the same Friday, R3 recorded 20-minute delays due to a malfunction on the Franqueses del Vallès (Vallès Oriental). On Tuesday, another breakdown in Senteles (Osuna) trapped four convoys and halted traffic for an hour. All this has put the territory's administration on alert, since R3 is one of the lines that will be included in the first phase of the integrated transfer of passenger service agreed between PSOE and ERC.

User platforms because the train will not spoil us and the Association for the Promotion of Public Transport (PTT) has demonstrated its efforts “Anger” Due to the increase in incidents in recent days and the demand to purge “responsibility.” The two entities recall that the completion of the works should have been great news for passengers on the line, who spent four months relying on the bus service to cover the damaged section and communicate with Barcelona, ​​as the matter became a “nightmare.” . “Very significant delays” and “continuous cancellations,” as well as increased travel time that can range “between 30 and 60 minutes” depending on the time period, were consistent. They also blame the “deficit” caused by infrastructure, which suffers from a chronic lack of investment. “15 days of disastrous service, full of uncertainties and generating anxiety and fears for users,” they lament.

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R3 users at Rodalies de Vic/ACN station

The region demands “solutions” and changes for future cuts

The regional administration sent an unusual statement two days ago in which it accused Renfe and Adev after discovering “11 incidents distributed over 6 of the 10 days in which the R3 Commuter line restored the movement of trains in the section between Parets del Valles and La Garriga for division works.” The ministry, headed by Esther Kabila, expressed its regret that these effects cause “interruptions in circulation and significant delays,” without explicitly stating this, and Adev noted that “most of the incidents were related to malfunctions or malfunctions in the infrastructure.” On February 6 and 7 alone, there were three incidents each day, and the province demanded “solutions” to reverse the situation that is generating so much discomfort among travelers.

Likewise, the administration asked Renfe and Adiv to be “more prudent” and set a “test period to detect accidents” in view of the line cutting that should take place in the summer for the second phase of works in the Barets-Garija section. In this way, the region hopes that the railway infrastructure manager and the Spanish operator will be able to “detect incidents at facilities while service has not yet been restored.” In the meantime, Tiruri has joined the R3 Line Monitoring Committee established by Renfe and Adif, and in the coming days it will hold a meeting with local councils and regional agents so that they can receive the relevant clarifications from the two companies.

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