The most tense moments in Zarzuela: Tears, brutal reprimands, “Felipe Moy Venivedo”

The most tense moments in Zarzuela: Tears, brutal reprimands, “Felipe Moy Venivedo”

the queen Leticia He has two nightmares in the form of people. One, her ex Jaime del Burgo. the other, Jaime Peñafiel. Journalist and writer after leaving the newspaper the world The Asturian found a ward to take refuge in and continue to be in tune with. OK diary. The media interviewed him, I can't knowShe continued to annoy the Queen because of her personality and behavior. Even when it was dedicate Some praise, he does so using a comparison that makes a particular strand of mothballs. He says about her that Letizia is ” woman of character, Very bossy like my wife and I love it. It's not true that I don't like him. “The women in my house are ruling, but she has a very aggressive way of being.”

Jaime Peñafiel
Felipe and Leticia GTRES

The aggression, which, he says, he justifies with an unfortunate scene, is perhaps the most violent he has witnessed since his time as historian of the royal family. It happened in Madrid City Hall,”It came suddenly. I had to tell him: Don't let me scream. She pointed her finger at me and pointed at me. It's just that you're messing with me, he justified himself. Things have gotten this bad Felipe was very violent“Felipe, who always seems to be licking everything up, who always keeps a rictus, who always walks as if he's swallowed a broomstick, who always pretends to be generous and helpful, but often loses the cards. When he's like that with his wife… or with his father And this is the number John Carlos Zarzuela shouts, and even more so, because those there are his son and his girlfriend, whom he hates.

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Leticia, Felipe, Joan Carles, and Sofia J. Teres

Peñafiel remembers the first time Al-Fakhri returned from Abu Dhabi and went to Zarzuela for dinner… crying: “His son put him into a big trap. Someone from Zarzuela claims that at one point they heard Mr. Juan Carlos is crying He says to his son: Respect me, I am your father. I was telling him. His son Felipe and his daughter-in-law abuse him“. Harsh accusations. Below are: “When he came to Leonor to take the oath of office, he could not stay the night and had to go to London. It's abuse. “If Felipe dies in exile, he will cry blood all his life.” The writer warns about the current monarch. In fact, she made it clear that she insulted him when she told him she was firing him: “Do you want to come to my office?” Juan Carles went and his son and Jaime Alfonsin told him: “By order of the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, you must now leave this house and this country as well. So this was the package. Insulting“.

Felipe and Juan Carlos

Peñafiel, who also talked about a strange nickname for his friend Joan Carles, which is… idiot. Sophia is a long-suffering wife for many reasons. When they say he's a motherfucker, that's not it. The curse is a hereditary thing“And Felipe? Will he follow in his footsteps?:”Not because he is Greek“…Juan Carlos, What a joke, what a joke.

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