The US Army is struggling to recruit new soldiers and the Pentagon is concerned. The Wall Street Journal: Worrying about Competition with Russia and China

The US Army is struggling to recruit new soldiers and the Pentagon is concerned.  The Wall Street Journal: Worrying about Competition with Russia and China

It’s nothing new, we’ve been talking about it for several months now calamity affiliate employment army affiliateU.S. military But according to the data I posted recently Wall Street JournalThe situation seems to be worse than expected. the 2022 was theworst year In terms of new entry into the military since then 1973, the year in which military service began on an entirely voluntary basis. The crisis has affected all sectors of the army, from Navy In the pedestriansby recording 25% The number of recruits is less than expected (50 thousand on 65 thousand), and using only 9% affiliate young man between 16 And 21 years Which today is considered a military career option against 13% from the period pre-pandemic.

the influence National resulting from the events of September 11th 2001, which relaunched its military career in the aspirations of many young Americans, after achieving results for 20 years, seems to no longer work today. The situation is very worrying pentagonalbecause it is a file problem to long-term Which, if not resolved, could create difficulties for the United States in a race among the great powers with Russia Especially China. From the data published by the Wall Street Journal, China can count on a grand total 2 million of men against me less to 1.4 million It is in the US forces. And this in perspective can dramatically change the balance in Possible military confrontation With China in the South China Sea on the issue Taiwan.

The reasons for this wide spread indignation I am several It can be found, as well as in the social changes that have taken place in American society, as well as in consequences That 20 years of military campaigns produced on the population. Until now, the system for new recruits was largely based on Sons of soldiers who, even under pressure from their parents, decided to pursue a career in the same sector. Today, veterans seem to be the ones who advise their children not to follow in their footsteps, often witnessing various Psychological disorders appeared in their families. In fact, it is estimated that 16% affiliate army The Americans working in Afghanistan And Iraq Then the syndromes appeared Post-traumatic stress disorder or depression. More and more young people today prefer others Options offered by the labor market or the possibility of undertaking a Training course Long-term and more attractive alternatives to the military sector, where lower wages do not reach the new troops 2000 dollar per month, along with health care, housing, and nutritional support.

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However, the collapse of recruits is not the only hurdle the Pentagon will have to deal with. In American society there is also a serious problem to prepare From youth to a possible military career. the 77% Of them it turned out to be inappropriate To serve the causes of scarcity physical training Obesity, low scores in Exam Mandatory wanted, previously tainted criminal record crimes and abuse drugs. According to recent statements by Christine WormotAnd secretary for the US Army defense He will start working on a project in the next few weeks structural reform from the operation employmentwhich must then be approved by Congress Due to the nature of the changes. Then he informed the secretary, who did not wish to add further details, that the project must necessarily depend on a work before coordination With me ancient warrior.

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