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The newspapers published incredible news: “Queen Elizabeth is dead”

In the past few hours, the British newspapers backed down when a disturbing news broke: “there Queen Elizabeth she diedin her room.” Nobody can believe it.

The British Queen is one of the most important figures in History of the English language And on a global scale. A few years ago she broke the record of Queen Victoria and became the longest-reigning ruler of the United Kingdom.

His family is very famous and they have been in the newspapers quite often lately. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle It seems that they are in crisis and on the verge of divorce. Moreover, he was going to express his desire to return to live in London, an idea with which she does not agree.

But what happened to the king?

queen elizabeth death news

In the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth the plan must be carried out Bridge of londonWhich includes all the different steps to follow before and after the state funeral. Each member of the royal family’s funeral has a different code name.

A few months ago, the prince disappeared Philip, who was nearly a hundred years old. Although he had been ill for some time, the news came unexpectedly and was a huge blow to the Queen. In fact, the two have been married for about 70 years and have been in a relationship since they were just teenagers.

Their love led to the birth of four children. Carlothe eldest son, is the future heir to the throne, but he is expected to abdicate soon in favor of Williamthe eldest son, was from his ex-wife Dianawho died in a car accident in 1997.

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A few hours ago, an English newspaper published the news of finding the ruler of the Commonwealth lifeless in his room.

But how did it go?

Sources close to the royal house exclusively told us that Queen Elizabeth died… she was found lifelessMagazine books via Instagram Hollywood is unlocked, as reported by LiberoQuotidiano. Fortunately, it is one fake newsAmong the many fake news circulating across the web. It is true that Elizabeth II contracted with Corona virus disease He is quite old (he will turn 95 in April), but Fine He has mild cold symptoms. In fact, we should always be careful about what we read on the internet because we don’t always tell the truth.

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