April 1, 2023

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Giusy Buscemi, to Verissimo The unexpected revelation: ‘I am expecting a third child’

Jose Buscemi She chose the living room of Canale 5 to announce to fans her third pregnancy. The Sicilian actress, a first-time guest at Verissimo, told Toffanin:I am expecting a third child“.

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revelation unexpected: “I am happy and excited,” said the former Miss Italy 2012, who is expecting her third child after Caterina Maria and Pietro Maria, born in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The third child is The remembrance will be born In the summer of 2022. There is still a maximum reserve limit on the name. But looking at the first two, it wouldn’t be new for the third child to have two names and the second to be “Maria”. Cucumber No coincidence: Buscemi and her husband Jan Michelini used it as a kind of pond for the sake of their children. They are both very faithful and devoted to the Virgin Mary.

The actress had to start filming the new season of Un passo dal cielo alongside Daniele Lyautey in the next few months: His or her turn Will he be canceled or will he be able to find an agreement with production?

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