Putting Horns on the Square at the Wedding Announcement: Skipping the VIP Union of De Benedetti’s Bankers and Professional Politics

Putting Horns on the Square at the Wedding Announcement: Skipping the VIP Union of De Benedetti’s Bankers and Professional Politics

It is the most famous phrase in cases of separation: “You will deal with a lawyer.” But the sentence uttered on stage with about fifty well-to-do Turin friends by Massimo Segri, one of the most famous bankers and professionals in the capital of Piedmont, did not have exactly this meaning, also because his family had always been close to Carlo DeBendetti. “Go to your lawyer,” is the phrase Segre uttered to his partner Cristina Simandé, also known in Piedmont because she is the daughter of a famous accountant who died two years ago, and above all because she is passionate about politics, which she has thrown herself recklessly for years without having the basic compass. Seymandi, who started her career in the M5s, was in fact the much discussed assistant of Chiara Appendino when she was mayor of Turin. In the end, she changed her mind and ran an unsuccessful candidacy for the mayor of Turin on the “Torino Bellissima” list, which surrounded the centre-right candidate Paolo Damilano, and was very grateful for the support that had been on the eve of the elections for Simandé. He was introduced as a potential vice mayor.

wedding announcement

Massimo and Cristina have been a steady couple since 2020, and at the end of July they threw a big party in the garden of the house on the hills of Turin to announce their upcoming wedding to friends in October, complete with invitations already printed afterwards. Twice more, also due to the pandemic, the announcement and the ceremony were postponed. Evening with good food, music and dancing. Only in the end did the couple take to the stage along with the DJ for the rituals and announcements. Cristina began, by thanking those who helped her organize the evening and thus contributed to its success. Then the husband spoke. Freeze invitees and above all betrothed. Without any tremor in his voice, and reading a fairly scholarly script he had prepared, Segre announced rather than an immediate end (“from this evening”) to their cohabitation, concluding with “Go to your lawyer.”

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However, it was not an invitation to settle the separation in court: in the case of de facto couples there would be very few guns in these cases. No, the lawyer Segre is referring to is certainly the man Christina would love, and who – as evidenced by the speech given that evening – she would have cheated on for some time. Not the only third wheel in just three years, according to the betrothed who discovered himself as he called a “cuckold”: before the lawyer there was also a businessman. Segre’s revenge was terrible, and the guests recounted that while he was speaking in front of him, they would see Christina’s photos with the mention of the lovers. But the tone was the voice of a quiet, even gentle man: “I give you liberty,” he told her publicly, even to go on vacation with the mysterious lawyer: “It’s all already paid for.” The entire speech was filmed by the guests, and has now been revealed to all through the Turin website, draftwho posted it on their YouTube channel.

Financial and corporate relations

In Turin, of course, there is no talk of anything else, given the general importance of the now-divorced couple. One wonders how the two will manage to resolve the financial and corporate ties that have been entwined in these three years. Segre remained close to De Benedetti following in the footsteps of mother Franca who was a trusted accountant to the engineer and also the banker who supported him in his first financial ascent with the family bank, Bim (Banca intermobiliare), which has now ended up being an Irish financial institution after many ordeals. Massimo still sits on the board of directors of the publishing company that publishes the paper tomorrow, and he did not lose his love for finance, leading Directa sim, which in 1995 pioneered online trading. On Seymandi’s LinkedIn profile, the most recent position is mentioned as “Directa sim manager since February 2023”. However, in the profile of the inserted SIM, today her name no longer appears, while it seems that in August 2023 a new director has been chosen: Noemi Mondo, then only 32 years old, was chosen in 2017 by De Benedetti as president CEO of his holding company Romed international.

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There is another link between the now-separated couple that is difficult to unravel: Christina has been in fact the Managing Director of Savio Thesan Spa since November 2022, which she entered through the acquisition of Seymandi shares, the withdrawal of the position and the shares of the banker’s son Giulio. Savio was a company in crisis, but Cristina, not lacking in political connections, presented the takeover project to the Piedmont region, obtaining a loan of more than 2 million euros from the regional financing company FinPiemonte that is now necessary to save the company.

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