Kane scored two goals for Vlahović

Kane scored two goals for Vlahović

The gates have reopened from Allianz StadiumWith Juventus Ready to greet their fans in a festive atmosphere. In the program there is a family test due to which the tournament debuts at 18.30.


Filming begins

46′ – We start over, the new signing immediately takes to the field Facundo Gonzalez, the next Juventus player.


The end of the first half

45′ – The first half of the family test ended with a score of 3-0 to Juventus A. Vlahović decisive twice, then exit. Kane also scored, entering on the half hour mark.

7:08 p.m

Juventus, Vlahović leaves

38′ – Another Juventus substitution, this time taking Vlahovic’s command and adding Caio Jorge in his place.


The third goal for Juventus

37′ – There’s also room on the score sheet for Kane who gets the better of Garovani after he worked well in defending the ball: it’s 3-0 to Juventus. Valhović scores two goals and now Kane.


First changes for Juventus

32′ – Allegri continues with the first substitutions: Kean, Rugani, Barrenechea and Soulè replace Chiesa, Bremer, Locatelli and Weah.


Valhovic doubles

31′ – A beautiful free kick from the edge of the area was taken by Vlahović, who scored the goal 2-0 after the penalty kick. It all started wrong Muharemovic on Chiesa.


Try Al-Ahsa

27′ – Juventus try to look forward with an inaccurate conclusion from Al-Ahsa, which ends high.


Allianz glorifies Vlahović

Lots of chants for the Allegri striker after that which has a completely different meaning for Lukaku. Juventus fans hope the former Fiorentina player will stay in black and white.

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6:46 p.m

Juventus goal

16 ‘ – Vlahović takes off from a penalty kick and with a strong score he outsmarts the goalkeeper and scores the opening goal. standing ovation from the stands for him.

6:44 p.m

Penalty for Juventus

14′ – a good starting point Nicolussi Caviglia, landed in the area. It will be a penalty kick: Valhović is already ready from the penalty kick.

6:39 p.m

Nicolosi is still dangerous

9′ – Another initiative from Nicolosi, this time saved by Garovani. From the next corner, Juventus failed to make themselves dangerous.

6:36 p.m

Nicolosi tries

6′ – First cue from Weah who serves his team mate in the middle of the area, it is Meriti who deflects Nicolosi’s shot wide.

6:32 p.m

Juventus, cheers from the stands

2′ – The match had not even begun when choruses of the Juventus fans were heard from the stands, against the prospect of Lukaku’s arrival from Chelsea.


friendly match

1′ – The kick-off is entrusted to Juventus, and the test begins. Giuntoli was also present on the sidelines, and Pogba was seen signing autographs for some fans. The Frenchman will still have some for days.


Allianz Stadium, what an enthusiasm

There will be around 24,000 fans who will take their seats in the basement of the stadium for the friendly family. Especially curious to see the new faces at work.

6:10 p.m

Juventus B, where it can be seen on TV

friendly competition between Juventus A and Juventus B It will be reserved for Dazn and Sky subscribers, with the latter broadcasting the event on Channel 201. It will also be visible on Dazn live and on the Sky, Now TV and Sky Go platforms.

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From Pogba to the absent McKinney

Allegri will not be able to count on all the staff at his disposal. Danilo, Szczesny, McKennie, Kostic, Perin, Pogba, Fagioli have physical problems. Rabiot is back in the group but he will most likely return against Atalanta.

6 pm

Juventus B, official squads

Here are Allegri’s options that will rotate the entire team during the match. In both formations, the starting formation will be 3-5-2.

Juventus: cloves. Savona, Polly, Muharmović; Perotti, Marissa, Nonge, Hasa, Turicchia; Mbangula, Siri. Subs: Davarra, Riccio, Rohi, Gonzalez, City, Leo, Sersante, da Graca, Mancini, Codrigue, Valdesi, Lipari.

Juventus Nitex Gene: pensoleo; DeWinter, Bremer, Alex Sandro; Cambiasso, Nicolosi Caviglia, Locatelli, McKinney, and Ya; Church, Vlahović. Subs: Scaglia, Gatti, Rugani, Huijsen, Mulazzi, Barrenechea, Milik, Kean, Kaio Jorge, Soulé, Yildiz, Iling-Jr.

Allianz Stadium – Turin

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