All the possible big names in the race

All the possible big names in the race

From Tiziano Ferro to Giorgia, passing by Laura Pausini to Ghali: here are all the Radio Deejay rumors about the names of potential singers for the event.

Source: Instagram @sanremorai

We still have a few months left Sanremo Festival 2023but there are already many in the air Common on the possible singers in which we will find Competition. It actually seems that Amadeus Once again the artistic director and leader of the singing festival, he really wants to give extra equipment to the competition, which leads to Ariston Prestigious names who also missed that stage for several years (as competitors).

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According to what some have said Rumors reported by Radio DJ Among the big companies we can see competing in the 73rd Italian Song Festival, there can be names like this Tiziano Ferro From Laura Busini you hate Alessandra AmorosoAnd the All the stars who if really were on their way to winning would give us a top-notch show.

but this is not all. There are also other eligible names revealed by the announcer: da Eros Ramazzotti, who actually conquered that stage in the eighties, a Georgia, Winner in 1995 with the song How do I knowas far as Elisa Who is the veteran at Ariston?

Some rumors would like Amadeus to commit to making All Star #Sanremo2023. From Eros Ramazzotti to Biagio Antonacci (whose engagement seems likely) to Laura Puccini, with Elisa and Georgia as well. Exciting tournament.

but the existing subordinate amazing names Looks like it wasn’t finished and the big names listed were also added: Paula And the Chiara, Levante, Paola Tursi, Galli, Manuel Agnelli, Mara Sati, Clementino, LDA, Aries, Marco Mingoni, Madame, Annalisa And the Luigi Strangis.

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Moreover, in addition to spit From singers It seems that the art director is also involved in researching his own business partner. indiscretion TvBlog Reveal that there will be one negotiate between Amadeus and Natalia Estrada: He wishes her as a co-host in one of the central episodes, to enrich the first and last episodes side by side Gianni Morandi And the Chiara Ferragni.

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