Macron and Biden unite against Putin: “He will not stop in Ukraine”

Macron and Biden unite against Putin: “He will not stop in Ukraine”

ParisFrance received the American President with all honor. Joe Biden and President Emmanuel Macron, together with their partners, paraded down the Champs-Élysées – decorated for the occasion with the flags of both countries – accompanied by 140 army horses after visiting the grave of an unknown soldier at the Arc de Triomphe, which commemorates soldiers who died during the First World War.

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Biden’s first state visit to France, which he made on Saturday after participating in activities commemorating the landings in Normandy, comes at a complex time on the international scene. The two leaders established their good relationship and launched a message of unity in confronting the conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine. The idea was to show that France and the United States were “in sync” on the international agenda and that they were “closer than ever,” in the words of White House spokesman John Kirby.

Macron explained in a short appearance before the press after his meeting with Biden at the Elysee: “We have a common vision regarding the war in Ukraine, which is respect for international law and the freedom of peoples to make decisions for themselves.” Biden stressed that “the United States stands with its allies and France.” Paris and Washington take a common position on basic issues related to the conflict, such as the need to continue financing the war and providing political support to the country, but not on everything that affects the conflict. The President of the United States of America did not join France’s idea of ​​sending military trainers to Ukraine to train the country’s soldiers.

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Soldiers on the ground

Macron announced on Friday that several countries are in talks to create an international coalition to send trainers from allied countries on the ground, which would in no way be in combat zones, but the United States will not join the initiative. On Saturday, the two presidents limited themselves to making a statement, but did not accept questions from the press, perhaps in order not to show any cracks in their message of unity. Russia has previously warned that it considers the initiative an escalation in the conflict and that it will consider international soldiers a military target.

Biden reiterated that his support for Ukraine is beyond doubt, and noted that Russia’s president threatens all of Europe. “This will not stop. Putin will not stop in Ukraine. This goes much further than that. The whole of Europe will be threatened. We will not allow this,” he said. In turn, the President of the Republic thanked Joe Biden “for the loyalty of the partner who loves and respects the Europeans.” He stressed that “Europe’s security and stability are at stake.”

A symbolic visit

Biden’s visit has a great symbolic charge. The US President visited France as millions of Europeans cast their votes in elections that will likely see the growth of the far right in Europe, especially in France, and just months before the US presidential elections, which may return Donald Trump to the political arena. White House. Paris, as well as Brussels, fears Trump’s return because his arrival to power would jeopardize the absolute support of the United States in Ukraine. That is why Biden repeated this week in France three times that Washington – if he remains in the White House, of course – “will not turn its back” on its European allies or on Ukraine in the face of Russia.

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