NATO simulates a Russian attack: the largest exercise since the Cold War is ready

NATO simulates a Russian attack: the largest exercise since the Cold War is ready

NATO sources confirmed in the last hours Financial Times Programming for 2024 from one Great exercise Anti-Russian post. In particular, by next spring, 31 NATO countries will participate in a simulation of a Russian attack on a member of the alliance. Soldiers and vehicles will have to train to repel Moscow’s potential action. There is no doubt that exercise is of great importance Political value: It actually represents NATO’s desire not to lower its guard on the eastern front, which is currently the most sensitive front.

Planned deployment in new NATO exercises

The most impressive element is reading the previews revealed footIt’s about a huge deployment scheduled for next spring. It seems that the numbers speak clearly in this sense. Initially, 31 countries will participate. In addition to the Member States, this time there will also be Sweden.

A circumstance that should not be taken for granted, considering that Stockholm’s NATO accession process appears to have been resolved after a partial green light from the Turkish president. Erdogan. In fact, after the veto imposed on the Scandinavian country due to issues related to the Kurds, the latter expressed his desire to ratify Sweden’s accession next July. However, it is not certain that the final signing of the Stockholm Agreement will arrive by the spring, but the presence of the Swedish army still shows the willingness of both parties to speed up the process.

Then there are the figures on the men and vehicles used. according to footNearly 41,000 soldiers will participate. Not only that, training will also take place 50 military ships And a very large number of armored vehicles, tanks and military vehicles of various types. The number of missions that will be carried out to simulate defense against a possible Russian attack is also impressive: there will be between 500 and 700 combat operations.

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the foot Therefore, he does not have the words to describe the scenario that will happen in 2024: the next exercise will be the most important since the end of the year. cold War. Never since the 1990s has NATO used so many men and means to simulate an attack from an outside power. Especially Russia.

Remote duel with Moscow

Drills are held every year and are certainly not rare. It is also scheduled that next spring’s exercises will be included in the usual planned and organized exercises to test the capabilities of responding to an external threat. But the range is anything but ordinary. This last circumstance demonstrates NATO’s intentions not to let down its guard towards Russia.

Therefore, Moscow is still seen not only as an enemy, but above all as capable of attacking a NATO country in the near future. This is despite the presence of Kremlin forces in Ukraine and the enormous cost of money, resources and human lives incurred by Russia in the military operations against Kiev.

Political and military signs of a long-range duel that shows no signs of abating. On the contrary, NATO and Russia continue to view each other with a degree of mutual distrust and suspicion. News of the organization of upcoming NATO exercises is expected to elicit different reactions from the Kremlin as well.

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