Putin admits Donbass, the Ukrainian crisis is precipitating – the world

The crisis in Ukraine is very accelerating. In a surprising move, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced for the first time Recognition of the independence of the self-proclaimed separatist republics of Donetsk and Luganskand then Orders to send troops to the Donbass region with the aim, in the Kremlin version, of “guaranteeing peace”. Thus, the hopes for a diplomatic solution that flourished at night between Sunday and Monday faded like a dream in the light of day. To dispel the artillery shells that resumed early in the morning, the barrage of harsh hostile statements emanated from Moscow, culminating at the end of the day with Putin’s announcement.

In the evening, a column of armored vehicles was reported in the Donetsk Republic by the Russian agency Interfax, which immediately cited witnesses..

An emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine was called for Monday evening. This was stated by some diplomats, according to what was reported by Agence France-Presse.

At the end of a very long televised address to the nation, the head of the Kremlin signed a decree recognizing pro-Russian entities along with the heads of the rebellious ‘two states’, unleashing the condemnation of all Western leaders. President of the United States Joe Biden immediately called German Chancellor Olaf Schulz and French President Emmanuel Macron. The United States has already announced The first sanctions on investments and trade in the Donbass, to which others will obviously be added. L ‘The European Union is preparing to do so tomorrow, with current President Macron speaking at the moment about “targeted” measures. Even London will announce more pressure on Russia, said its Secretary of State, Liz Truss.

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Putin’s river talk on television resulted in a fierce debate against Ukraine’s accused leaders of all evil and against the West. “Ukraine has already lost its sovereignty,” becoming a servant of “Western masters,” he attacked the tsar. Then he accuses NATO of being already on the Ukrainian territory, which directly threatens the security of Russia. “Western weapons have arrived in Ukraine continuously, and there are regular military exercises in western Ukraine, and the goal is to strike Russia,” he said, adding that “NATO forces are participating in these exercises. At least 10 are underway, and NATO units in Ukraine can grow rapidly.”

So the prospects for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine, and in general the tug-of-war that has been afflicting Russia and the West for months, seem to be disappearing entirely. Just hours before the Caesar hack, Macron completed a long day of phone consultations that seemed to pave the way for a Putin-Biden summit. Then a series of frozen showers one after another. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that Putin is not opposed to Biden’s vision, but that the goals of the summit must first be defined. The meeting was “possible”, the Elysee tried to respond. But then the head of the Kremlin himself thought about dispelling illusions. At the time, the White House sounded the alarm about “the possibility of a very violent attack on Ukraine in the next few days or hours.” Everything seemed to inevitably turn into a struggle. Putin’s decision in favor of the rebel republics of eastern Ukraine came after a lengthy meeting of the National Security Council, and was announced to Macron and Schulze before it was announced. And the past hours witnessed new violations of the ceasefire in Donbass. But above all a series of very serious accusations against the Ukrainian army made by the separatists and the Russian armed forces themselves. Like the infiltration of a group of saboteurs into the Russian Rostov region, five of them were allegedly killed by the Moscow army. Or bombing a Russian border post. Both episodes were denied by Kiev, which denounced the killing of two of its soldiers and the wounding of four others in separatist shelling. For its part, the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic claimed that a militiaman and a civilian had lost their lives in Ukrainian bombing.

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Ukraine demanded an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council, while its Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, in Brussels on the occasion of the meeting of his colleagues in the European Union, called on the Union to adopt “sanctions already now” against Moscow, without waiting for the invasion. At the moment, only Kiev and the 27 countries have reached an agreement in principle on the creation of an advisory mission for military training in Ukraine. But in the meantime, we are preparing for any eventuality: Air France, like Lufthansa and Swissair, has decided to cancel flights to Kiev scheduled for Tuesday, while Russian authorities have called on commercial companies not to fly over the sea d. Azov, north of the Black Sea, east of Crimea.

Today’s facts

Italy is making its voice heard, as well as its European and Western partners, to condemn Vladimir Putin’s tears for Ukraine by recognizing Donbass.: It is “a serious obstacle to the search for a diplomatic solution,” stressed Foreign Minister Di Maio, adding that the government is ready to submit a report to Parliament.

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