Donald Trump in Texas on June 30 to visit the border area

Washington | Former US President Donald Trump traveled to Texas on June 30 to cross the border into Mexico, where hundreds of thousands of immigrants have entered the country illegally for months to seek asylum.

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“I accept the invitation of Texas Governor Greg Abbott to pay an official visit to the southern border of our country with him,” Trump said in a statement Tuesday, without elaborating on his whereabouts.

The US-Mexico border is “a real disaster zone” where the worst crisis in the country’s history is taking place, he said.

Republican Greg Abbott is set to announce plans this week to build a wall on the southern border of his state.

January 12, 45e The President of the United States made his last official visit to the U.S. border in Texas, where he supported the construction of the Anti-Immigration Wall.

Donald Trump began the fight against immigration – legal and illegal – as one of the priorities of his decree, shortly after winning the wall in 2016, about 3,200 kilometers from the border with Mexico.

But this work consisted mainly of improvements or reinforcements of existing structures.

Its drastic migration measures have slowed the flow of immigrants who have resurfaced with the election of Joe Biden, and arrest records have been broken every month since March.

In May, about 180,000 people were arrested after illegally crossing the border, which increased the pressure on 15-year-old Joe Biden, who is accused of mitigating and resisting the border migration crisis.

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Banned from social networks and retired to his home in Mar-e-Lago, Florida, Donald Trump is highly influential within the Republican Party and distributes daily news releases, either through his supporters or his critiques. He goes on to suggest that he may run for a new position in 2024.

Since leaving the White House, he has attended the Conservative Annual Conference (CPAC) in late February and the North Carolina Republican Conference in early June.

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