How are the end of the world buildings and how much do they cost

How are the end of the world buildings and how much do they cost

Survive yes, but in luxury without giving up the pool, gym and all kinds of amenities. This is the motto Kondo survivalan American real estate company that since 2012 has converted a missile silo into a 5-star bunker in a secret area in Kansas, in United States of America. Now with the current crisis between Russia And the Ukraine Their business is attracting new interest: “Apocalypse Buildings” are designed to escape from any disaster and ensure safety in the event of epidemics, disasters, terrorist attacks and even nuclear war It can accommodate up to 75 people.

In an apocalypse condominium, one lives with a swimming pool, cinema and spa

a It collects 230 thousand liters, giant TV screens, a wellness area, a library, shooting range, cinema and theater, but also a gym and medical center as well as a climbing wall and even a dog-walking park – because it’s salvation. Without best friends? -. The the basement The luxury of Survival Condo is designed to make you forget that you are ‘running from disaster’. How was the project born? the creator from the project Larry Hall He says he got the idea after seeing the US government spending on military bunkers: “I thought they knew something I don’t,” he says.

Designed to withstand the end of the world

The entire apartment complex is built inside the silo structure of the Atlas F missile (an American nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile built in the 1960s during the Cold War). The structure is designed to withstand a 20-kiloton blast within 800 meters (half a mile).

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Inside there is a water park with 70 types of fruit plants. Ventilation systems are equipped with air filters against nuclear, biological and chemical pollutants. Electricity is generated using a wind generator as well as a diesel generator while water is extracted and purified from nearby sources. Security was also ensured, with 223 automatic rifles and a sniper position. There are also two armored vehicles including the Pit-Bull VX Tactical Truck – an armored vehicle used by the police –

What is the price?

Each apartment is about 180 square meters and is equipped with all amenities and dried food capable of meeting the needs of the family for 5 years. The cost varies from 1.3 to 1.5 million dollars. And what do they compare to the prospect of being able to save themselves in the face of the apocalypse? The race has already started in the United States:

who bought it

Founded in 2014, requisitions were numerous, not only among the “survivors” – they are often mocked for their obsessions. The typical customer is a successful, educated and professional person who sees purchasing as a choice for peace of mind, should human or natural disasters cause a serious social crisis. Those who have already bought it include, for example, Nikos Halikopoulos, an Australian financial entrepreneur of Greek descent living in the United States, Tyler Allen, a Florida real estate entrepreneur, as well as the founder of the structure itself, entrepreneur Larry Hall.

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