Puigdemont is running for “compensation” as president

Carles Puigdemont He will be a candidate for state president In the parliamentary elections scheduled for next May 12, he will retire from running in the European elections.

This was announced at a conference in the city of Elna in northern Catalonia, which lasted for about an hour and aroused the anticipation of many media outlets.

“I do not want to resign, and I am not looking for something more comfortable. I cannot explain that after six and a half years of defending the presidency in exile, I missed the opportunity for reasons of personal comfort to make this possible.” Restore this one [presidència] They were unfairly, unlawfully and unlawfully dismissed by 155“Amidst the applause of the audience,” he said, amidst the applause of the audience.

The former president of the state also confirmed the intention Return from exile to attend the inauguration plenary sessionEven if judges try to extend the amnesty application:

“If the parliamentary majority proposes to me that I should be a candidate for the position, I will leave exile permanently on that day to attend the plenary session of Parliament in person and seek the confidence of the House.”

Puigdemont has stated that he wants to go to the polls “Stop flogging us any more and finish the job.”He strongly defended the political action undertaken in negotiating with the Socialist Workers' Party, as well as the exile's work to preserve institutions from the “claws of the courts of exception.”

The Junts leader has also championed the need to create one Nomination for unitary independence:

“I am not naive. I know that the option has strong resistances and we do not have the time to overcome them, but there are people with different sensitivities who have been working on it for a long time. I want to express that.” My availability for them.”

In this sense, Puigdemont recalled the experience of Junts pel Sí and explained that his candidacy would aim to go beyond the party, with Profiles “from other sectors”.

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Throughout his speech, the MEP defended the necessity of negotiating with the state Self-determination referendum:

“An amnesty law is as possible as a self-determination referendum. As you know, there is no constitutional impediment.”

Carles Puigdemont, at the entrance to Elna City Hall (EFE/Enric Fontcuberta)

Together they propose that Puigdemont be nominated as one A challenge to Spanish justice and the government of Pedro Sanchezwho hold them responsible for following the new amnesty law to the letter and the former president can return without being arrested.

What he will not be able to do is campaign in Catalonia. Sources close to him reported that he would not be able to be there because the Republicans and Socialists would have coordinated because of this It is not possible to return before the elections.

Puigdemont had previously presented himself symbolically at the top of the list in the 2021 elections, although at the time he was… Laura Boras was the president of Junts.

The Junts leader confirmed that the decision to introduce himself at 12M means just that To abandon candidacy in the European elections From June 9. Five years ago, his candidacy won comfortably in this election.

Puigdemont has reached out to other pro-independence sectors to run in the elections together (EFE/Enric Fontcuberta)

Their party, Junts, has one candidate The initial process must be resolved this Saturday.

Voting to choose a candidate will be electronic and will take place between eight in the morning and eight in the evening. The head of the list and the candidates to demarcate the borders of Girona, Tarragona and Lleida will come out, while the rest of the candidates will come out. He is chosen at the suggestion of the party's internal bodies and must be approved.

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Later, it will be necessary to see how this choice fits into Puigdemont's quest to build a list that transcends party lines.

Ready to come back

In recent days, Carles Puigdemont's lawyer, Gonzalo Boy, has revealed in detail the former president He is ready to return and be arrested if he wants to become president.

According to the text of the amnesty, from the moment it was published in the Bank of England Precautionary measures will have to be liftedArrest warrants and prison sentences, but the text must be enforced by judges fighting through the process like Pablo Jarena or Manuel Marchena.

This came a few weeks after the Supreme Court opened an investigation against Puigdemont for a terrorist crime in the Democratic Tsunami case, which both Gontz and the SWP assert. It will be included in the pardon.

In fact, the idea of ​​return was already on the table in other electoral matters, but now Hectare Take more power Taking into account the approval of this law, which must cover the back of the former president of the state without being subjected to imprisonment.

Electoral perspective

According to the barometer scale Center for Opinion StudiesThe CEO published, on Thursday, that Gontz will receive between 25 and 29 deputies and will be in third place in the parliamentary elections, and PSC will win them With a fork between 35 and 42 deputies.

the The pro-independence majority would be in danger. The ERC, Junts and CUP could add between 57 and 71 deputies, while the absolute majority in Parliament lies at 68 seats.

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Naturally, it should be taken into account that the surveys were conducted between February 9 and March 7. Six days ago That Pere Aragones announced the electoral advance.

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