failed | The heat is rising

failed |  The heat is rising

Temperatures are typical for June in mid-April. It is a balance Hot this weekendWhich spread throughout central Catalonia, which In Manresa, the thermometer rose to 30.2 degreeswhich is valuable, with the data collected Since 1984 Next to Cola's house, It was only surpassed on April 8, 2011when they were reached 30.4 degrees.

The heat of the last few hours in the capital, Pagues It peaked on Saturdaywith these scores of 30.2, and although yesterday the maximum was more restrictive, with 29.6 degrees, the temperature remains quite abnormal at that time. It is expected to remain exceptionally high today, but with a downward trend.

The thermometer started to rise on Thursday, but over the weekend there were near-record highs. And that, The maximums were about ten degrees higher than the average in April. This is in Manresa from 20 degrees. So far this month, temperatures have been below that on only three occasions, on April 1, 2 and 9, so the average high so far is 23.5 degrees. April last year and April 2022 were also unusually warm in Manresa, but highs were slightly shorter than now, at 28.4 and 28.1 degrees respectively.

Heat throughout the region

This heatwave has spread widely across the central regions, although the highest records were recorded in Bagis and Noya. a CardonaOn Saturday, it was reached 31.1 degrees (Highest temperature for this entire peak in this area), yesterday the thermometer registered 30.2. Between the two days, 30 degrees were also exceeded San Salvador de Guardiola (30,7 Saturday degree), Arts (30,6 Saturday and 30.3 Sunday), S equation (Saturday 30,5 grades).

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Records were lower than in the provinces closer to the Pyrenees, but still very high for the time. a SolsonaYesterday, Sunday, it reached 29.1 degrees, and even approached 30 in the morning (28.4)s the fourth (27.9 degrees).

Outside these counties, some were beaten Historical records The temperature in April as inBarcelona Fabra ObservatoryWhere temperatures rose yesterday 29.1 degreesAs meteorologist Alphonse Puertas reported in a letter to April 12. , 2023 (27.5). FABRA has been collecting data since 1914 and the maximum of the historical series until two years ago was 27.2 degrees on April 21, 1945.

Yesterday the heat was felt everywhere in Catalonia with the highest heat levels reached Aldover (32.3 degrees), Finbar (31.5), Cerros (31.5), Siurana Marsh (31.3) and Torroga del Priorat (31).

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