Cracks Show In Stokes’ Squad: Are England Still A Solid Bet?

England has always been seen as a strong competitor within the cricket circuit. From the players to the approach, England usually brings one of the strongest cricket teams in the world to the pitch, and this has been pretty consistent throughout the ages.

However, as cracks begin to show in Stokes’ squad, people are beginning to doubt whether or not England are still a solid bet heading into the cricket championships.

This is completely reasonable – there are a few glaring issues with England’s national cricket team, and unless any changes are made, we may be set to see one of their worst performances ever. Let’s jump right into it and take a look at whether or not England are still a solid bet in the upcoming championship.

It’s Not As Bad As People Are Making It Out To Be

There are some glaringly obvious issues with England’s cricket squad. No one is debating that. However, one area that is up for debate is the degree in which these weaknesses are going to affect England in the upcoming championships, and this is where we should be focusing the majority of our efforts.

So, how much will England’s weaknesses affect them in the long term? Well, it’s a little complicated. Trying to judge weaknesses is much more complex than you would first expect, and in the end, there is no true way for us to know until we see them in action.

However, from what we have seen thus far, England’s weaknesses are not nearly as bad as people are making them out to be, and on top of this, the possibility for them to overcome said vulnerabilities in time is always there.

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If you need further evidence of this, just go onto any sports betting site’s acumulator calculator and input all of England’s data. You will quickly see that England fares relatively well in spite of their numerous drawbacks, and in all likelihood, they are likely going to perform just fine in any upcoming matches they fall into.

The Plan Stays The Same

Whilst England’s drawbacks might not be as detrimental as people are making them out to be, there is one thing about the English cricket team that is very worrying, and that is their outright refusal to make any changes to rectify any issues.

Various media outlets have published articles along the lines of “Ben Stokes will not change approach in spite of England’s numerous problems”, and for perhaps the first time ever, the mainstream media’s portrayal of events is accurate.

This is incredibly concerning. Not only does this mean that any future competition could take advantage of England’s weaknesses, but it could also give evidence to show that Stokes is not all too good of a strategist if things don’t work out. This could spell catastrophe for the team as a whole.

Not acknowledging weaknesses is a surefire way to put your team on the back foot, and if Stokes does not make any changes, England could be in trouble.

So, what do you think will come of England in the upcoming championship? Do you think Stokes’ refusal to change strategy is going to drag them down into the dirt, or do you think they will rise from the ashes to become better than ever before?

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We can’t really know for sure. The only thing we can do is wait patiently for England to show us what they are made of, and whether it be good or bad, it’s certainly going to be a spectacle to watch. Have fun.

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