US intelligence helped Ukraine eliminate Russian generals –

US intelligence helped Ukraine eliminate Russian generals –

From the first day of the war, NATO assistance has been continuous, accurate, and real-time through a mechanism perfected after the invasion: there is now informal confirmation of what has been written in recent weeks.

There is now an unofficial confirmation a What is the price Previously written In this weeks: US intelligence helped the Ukrainians eliminate many Russian generals. Details – partial – appeared in an article by The New York Timeswho was later accused by the White House of being irresponsible. The title of this misleading article and how it is not responsibleNational Security Council spokeswoman Adrian Watson responded. The United States provides information on the ground to help the Ukrainians defend their country. We do not provide intelligence with the aim of killing Russian generals.

Then the US administration commented Alex Ward PoliticianAnd He admits to providing information that could lead to the killing of senior Russian officials, but he does not do so expressly for the purpose of killing the generals. fin From the first day of the warThe assistance in this sector on the part of the allies was nevertheless continuous and meticulous. in real time: They arrived through a mechanism perfected after the invasionwe said it also here on courier This enabled the resistance to strike. There are many fronts.

1) Discover the movements of senior officers and forces. This is for purely military purposes, i.e. details regarding the theater of war, attack and maneuvers. they have formed a database It is where information is poured, an archive that individual units can access through digital channels. In some cases – detected CNN The time difference between watching and reporting father be about 60 minutesbut less.

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2) Command Centers Location: let us defenders Make precise attacksWith artillery, missiles, explosives/mines and snipers. Since 2015, The CIA oversaw the training of local special forces king Focus on missions behind the lines and communications and eliminate cadres. Kyiv – reports the New York Daily – claims to have killed at least 12 generals, a claim that has been verified.

3) Intense mission to intercept enemy radio communications. To discover initiatives on the ground, but also for High score displacement tracking. Then electronic spinning was used for precise blows by Zelensky’s soldiers. Sieve was made possible by reconnaissance of a large number of aircraft Fly from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea – come on satellite eyes And by men on the ground whose presence has not been officially confirmed at the moment. They are ghosts in flesh and blood.

4) sources The New York Times They are interested in letting you know about it There will not always be support from the US services. And they quote The last episode in which the Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov was to flee for a short time Ukrainian attack in the Izyum region. We have nothing to do with it – as the Americans say – because Opposition leaders are excluded from the kill list, From the target bench: Diplomatic announcement. Under Donald Trump, the White House authorized it The raid that killed Iranian General Soleimani in Baghdad. Technical Note: The battlefield has surprises, target setting errors happen, innocent people can be involved and you can even perform a mission without it being announced. In addition to Besides the resistance, other countries operate, often well acquainted with the theater: Poles and Brits, just to give a few examples.

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5) American spies took advantage of the army’s mistakes. Generals often turned out to be in danger: Communications are not sufficiently securedneed to Be at the forefront of solving problemsexcessive centralization. A set of factors that shorten – so to speak – distances: goals are closer and identifiable.

6) The ally has obtained suitable equipment and weapons. quote again Drone – Kamikaze Switch Bladeusable in Targeting an officer inside an armored command or half tiger. An explosive device or hidden roadside mine used by a deadly officer.

7) The White House has never hidden the invasions of the shadows. Senior intelligence executives have publicly explained to Congress and the media how to do it Cooperation with Kyiv has reached unprecedented levels. They called it revolutionary. A reference to friends and the Kremlin.

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