PS5 Pro, will the GPU have 33.5 TFLOPS? Digital Foundry discusses the rumours

PS5 Pro, will the GPU have 33.5 TFLOPS?  Digital Foundry discusses the rumours

there GPU to PS5 Pro He can boast of one Power 33.5 TFLOPS Versus 10.5 of the current model, according to a leak that seems to confirm 30 WGP for the new Sony console and a graphics unit clock set to 2.35 GHz.

Digital Foundry discussed the matter explaining this Performance increase should not reach 227% As the mathematics suggests, but rather to keep up with the information circulating so far, according to which the PS5 Pro will be 45% faster than the PlayStation 5.

The driver, according to the English-language editorial team, is linked to the RDNA 3 architecture and supports arithmetic operations with FP32 precision, which doubles the amount of instructions processed. Without doubling the performance in games.

Configurations and backward compatibility

Digital Foundry claims the leak you can see above demonstrates Backwards compatibility between PS5 Pro and PS5where the original console features 18 WGP (Working Group Processors) across two shader engines/four shader arrays in a 5-4-5-4 configuration, while the mid-gen upgrade features 30 WGP across two shader engines/four shader arrays in a 5-4 shader configuration. 4-5-4 Preparation 8-7-8-7.

This type of setup will confirm 60 compute units for PlayStation 5 Pro And a clock of up to 2.35 GHz as mentioned, while maintaining a certain margin to be used only with the most demanding games as part of a kind of super boost mode capable of actually expressing significant power.

Regarding cachethe 4MB L2 allocation for each individual WGP remains unchanged, while the L1 allocation moves from 128KB to 256KB and the L0 allocation moves from 16KB to 32KB: measures that, in Sony’s intentions, will allow better management of ray tracing support .

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The leak and subsequent comments from Digital Foundry seem to indicate as much An official announcement is now imminent for the PS5 Pro: It only remains to understand which channels Sony will choose to present its new console.

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