Right-winger José Raul Molino won the elections in Panama

Right-winger José Raul Molino won the elections in Panama

José Raul Molino, the son of former President Ricardo Martinelli who was disqualified for corruption, was elected Panama’s new president on Sunday, far ahead of his direct opponents, who saw the split in votes between them as “imposing the candidate who promised” to put money back into the pockets of Panamanians.

“I am pleased, on behalf of the Electoral Tribunal, to inform you that according to the system of unofficial transmission of results, you are currently the unofficial winner of the presidency in the 2024 general election,” Molyneux informed in a statement. Video call with President of the Electoral Tribunal Alfredo Junca.

“Very difficult” campaign.

Molyneux responded that he received “with pleasure the results expressed”, a decision of the Panamanian people that he bears “with great responsibility and humility”, after a “very difficult” campaign full of obstacles, in which he tried to “boycott” that decision. “A legally constituted party can have a presidential candidate.”

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