Amazon has delivered a torrent of news

Amazon has delivered a torrent of news

As is widely expected, Amazon Renewed her collection of smart speakers sound echo Presentation of the new 2022 models is better than its predecessors in many respects. What not everyone expected, however, was that Amazon would also offer Many other news Together and in this size: Who’s new kindle writer for new 3rd Generation Fire TV Cubesvia the latest voice remote control Alexa Pro and new Echo Show 15 with Fire TV built-in. And finally, the voice assistant too Alexa is getting smarter.

New Echo Devices

the new Amazon Echo Dot From the fifth generation, it maintains the elegant sphere design, also optional with a digital clock, but it improves the sound reproduction and now allows the user to give some commands by touching the top of the device. On the other hand, the watch version has a better and larger LED display, which can show more information.

There is also a new unpublished color: night blue. The new Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Dot with the watch can be pre-ordered today at a price 59 or €69where shipments of products start from early October.

The fifth generation of Amazon Echo Dot

The fifth generation of Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Generation - With LED Watch

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Generation – With LED Watch

It also improvesAmazon Echo Studiothe smart speaker specially designed for those who love music and ask SUPERIOR SOUND PERFORMANCE. Among the innovations that have been introduced is technologyspatial sound (The true fashion of the moment in terms of sound) and new built-in speakers that sound even better now. Amazon Echo Studio 2022 It can be pre-ordered now at €199.99with deliveries starting from October 20.

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Amazon Echo Studio - Edition 2022

Amazon Echo Studio – Edition 2022

As for the large 15-inch smart screen Amazon Echo Show 15Instead, a version of it Integrated Fire TVwhich is not yet available.

New Amazon Fire TV Cube and Alexa Pro Remote

However, for broadcast TV fans, Amazon has revamped the little one Fire TV Cube. The device, which hasn’t been updated for a few years, is now 20% more responsive thanks to a new octa-core and 2GHz processor. It can play content in Full HD and 4K, with support for HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos formats.

L ‘3rd Generation Amazon Fire TV Cube It has WiFi 6E connectivity and an HDMI port for connecting cable to external devices such as DVD or Blu-Ray players. Amazon Fire TV Cube 2022 تكاليف Costs 159.99 EURPre-ordered immediately but deliveries start from October 28.

3rd Generation Amazon Fire TV Cube

3rd Generation Amazon Fire TV Cube

Staying on the broadcast theme, Amazon has also introduced the new theme Alexa Pro Voice Remote Control Which has a great job:”Find my remotePractically speaking, it is enough to run the voice command.Alexa, find the remote control“So that the new device makes a sound that allows us to find it easily, even if we slip through the maze of the sofa.

in the new version”forefront“There are also two customizable buttons and the buttons are much appreciated the backgroundWhich helps a lot to use the remote control in the dark. price €39.99the release date is November 16.

Amazon Alexa Pro Voice Remote Control

Amazon Alexa Pro Voice Remote Control

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About the arrival Fire TV on Amazon Echo Show 15There is good news: it will not be necessary to buy a new device because it will be a software update, which Amazon will release in the coming months on all Echo Show 15 devices already sold (new devices will arrive with the functionality already in place). Therefore, today it is possible to buy the Echo Show 15 without problems knowing that as soon as it becomes available, it will receive the new Fire TV.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon Kindle New Writer

kindle writer Kindle is the new generation of Kindle, the latest incarnation of one of the world’s most popular e-book readers. It basically packs everything a digital book enthusiast could ask for: a world-class 10.2″ Paperwhite with 300dpi resolution and a stylus that doesn’t require recharging.

Kindle Scribe, in fact, is the first Kindle It is allowed to read and write, then we can use it to take notes on books, add notes, and underline specific paragraphs. The new Kindle Scribe is already in pre-order a €369.99but shipments will start In the coming months.

New Kindle Scribe - 10.2 inch Paperwhite - With Basic Pen

New Kindle Scribe – 10.2 inch Paperwhite – With Basic Pen

New Alexa Features

Finally, Amazon also announced new capabilities for its Alexa digital assistant: the so-called “timed work“… in practice, it is now possible to program an action that Alexa has to perform within a few minutes. For example by saying”Alexa, turn off the lights in 10 minutes“, or”Alexa, turn on the heat at 6 PM“All of this allows us to manage a more comfortable (and powerful) smart home.

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