Proving understanding after the crisis –

Proving understanding after the crisis –

We needed the final stage of selections for Expo 2030for which she is also a candidate RomeTo finally come to an understanding. After eight months of contradictions and diplomatic crises, Casual and formal stitchingGiorgia Meloni, but still out of the founders’ office, will be greeted by Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee this afternoon. He will take over the presidency of the French Republic after four formal invitations from the Elysée, in a week when Paris is somehow spurring global attention, also with International air showwith dozens of heads of state and government in the French capital.

At the end of the official presentation in front of Exhibition committee To support the causes of the Italian candidacy, along with the governor of Lazio Francesco Roca and mayor of Rome Robert GualtieriGiorgia Meloni will move to the Elysee. an appointment that only got the go-ahead at the last minute. Giorgia Meloni convinced herself that she had to be in Paris only during the past few hours, and also because the possibility of withdrawing from the candidacy was not ruled out, which is what we see at the present time. behind the an opportunity from the SaudisWhich seems to be at the forefront of the number of countries supporting the Riyadh project. But in the end, it was decided to move on, convinced we did good chance.

There are many issues to be addressed with Macron, and the meeting is in a way the seal of the peace talks – after many disagreements over the migrant file – held on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Hiroshima. Until now, Meloni and Macron have often met each other, but have only had bilateral relations in informal contexts. One, the prime minister had not yet taken office at Palazzo Chigi, on the terrace of the Melia Hotel in Rome, last fall. Then a night meeting in Brussels, on the sidelines of the European Council, at the Hotel Amigo. Finally, a few weeks ago, another happened Face to face at the Palace Hotel in Hiroshima, during breaks in the G7 meeting. Today could mark an opportunity for a new exit, even if some knots remain unresolved.

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What is certain is that in some files you can access the A common goal, even though the path towards next year’s European elections can only be daunting, as Macron’s party and Meloni’s party have diverging interests. During the meeting, which will be preceded by a press release, the two will discuss bilateral relations, and address European issues (including reform Stability and Growth CharterItaly is looking for allies in requesting the separation of Pnrr investments from accounts) and will take the opportunity to prepare the EU Council which will be held at the end of the month. The council in which Meloni intends to bring the management of migration flows back to the fore again, with the case of Tunisia coming to the fore after the EU mission ten days ago. Prime Minister and MacronJuly 11th and 12th in Vilnius They will also discuss the next stage NATO summit to be held inJuly 11th and 12th in VilniusThey will reiterate their joint support for Ukraine on the military, humanitarian and economic fronts.

But the value of the visit is primarily symbolic. Macron was forced to invite Meloni after seeing both of them Bin Salman That the Korean president, Rome’s competitors at the Expo, for her part, the prime minister, when she decided to travel to Paris (if she had not done so, would have meant withdrawing her candidacy) willingly accepted the two o’clock in the afternoon Macron managed to break into himself.

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