iPhone, Apple has found the solution to Steve Jobs’ obsession. He was unsuccessful all his life

iPhone, Apple has found the solution to Steve Jobs’ obsession.  He was unsuccessful all his life
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There is news from Apple that would make Steve Jobs, the late Cupertino CEO, jump for joy.

He was a visionary and fought tenaciously to achieve the result that is at the heart of the news we want to tell you. Unfortunately, he did not succeed during his lifetime. The news in question comes directly from the USA. It’s a huge step forward by the company that Steve Jobs just founded.

Users in the past chose and still choose the iPhone for its key features. Among them, without a doubt, is its duration over time. You will never have to replace one of these smartphones after a year, as happens with others. Then there is its performance and battery life.

You’ll never have the trouble of having to pick it up at home without his company, and you won’t feel the need to charge it during the day. In short, everything that users are looking for is contained within it. However, there is a goal that Steve Jobs himself failed to achieve. It was a dream, not even a veiled dream.

You should know that he was totally against iPhone cases. Wish it wasn’t needed at all. He was examining various options to make sure that these devices were not needed. Instead, due to his illness, he was unable to do so. However, the news of these days completely changes scenarios for the future.

Apple: published a patent that would make Jobs happy.

It was posted a few days ago United States Patent and Trademark Office with the code 11678445 and in the name ofspatial compoundsYou should know, however, that the Cupertino company filed it almost 6 years ago, precisely on September 26, 2017. What appears is that this innovation It primarily concerns b iPhone.

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Patent Image: “Spatial Compounds” (Web) – www.themagazinetech.com

But he does not disdain all other devices at all apple. The motto of this patent is:resistanceIndeed, many little things have been thought of microspheres On the body of these smartphones that will be able to make resistance to Pitfallsscratches and abrasions of all kinds. These areas will consist of: MetalAnd glass or Ceramic.

They will go to strengthen coincidence And above all, eat angles from the smartphone. Hence I suffer Damage Larger. In short, it seems apple respect will For its founder, thinking of something that would make them iPhone excellent resistance And you no longer need the haters cases in plastic.

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