Maine, three shootings in Lewiston: At least 22 dead, more than 60 injured. It’s stalking

Maine, three shootings in Lewiston: At least 22 dead, more than 60 injured.  It’s stalking

NEW YORK – A manhunt is underway in Maine, where the perpetrator of another public massacre is on the run, having killed at least 22 people. The police identified the killer. His name is Robert Card, and he is a middle-aged white man, but the reasons for his gesture remain uncertain. He fled armed, so Lewiston authorities ordered citizens to lock themselves in their homes and provide all the information they could to arrest him.

The shooting began at 6:56 p.m., when Card entered two buildings in Maine City with an AR-15-style machine gun, the Schemengees Bard and Grille restaurant and the Speratime Recreation restaurant. A restaurant and bowling alley were packed with families celebrating their children’s party. He then also attacked a Walmart supermarket distribution center. Robert began shooting at people, killing at least twenty-two people and wounding about sixty. Then he fled in a Subaru car and took the machine gun with him. The car was found abandoned at around 11:30 pm in the nearby city of Lisbon.

The police are hunting him, and have asked residents to lock themselves in their homes to avoid becoming targets. President Biden was informed of the shooting during a state dinner with the Australian-Albanian Prime Minister, and has since begun following up on the crisis by speaking with local authorities.

Card is 40 years old and is part of the National Guard military reserve stationed in Saco, northern Maine. He lives in Bowdoin and is a weapons instructor. This may help explain the fatal effectiveness of his assault. Pictures taken by security cameras show him with his face uncovered, wearing black pants and a brown shirt, while pointing his gun at the victims. The reasons for the attack remain uncertain, but Card was hospitalized for mental issues last summer. He said he heard voices and was therefore entrusted to the care of specialists. If these circumstances are confirmed, it is a story that has been repeated for years in the United States, always in the same way. Deranged people decide to take their rage out on other human beings, for whatever reason, and are able to cause large numbers of casualties because guns are readily available in America.

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The United States does not have exclusive rights regarding mental problems, which are statistically similar to those of all other similar countries in the world. The difference is that guns in the United States are accessible to everyone, so those who want to use them for any reason can do so very easily. The plain truth is this, but the country is unable to confront it, due to a misinterpretation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the right to possess rifles and handguns; For the interests of the producers’ lobby; And for Republican politicians in particular who speculate about it. Therefore, the problem has not been solved, and hundreds of innocent people are still dying.

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