Progress is slow, but continuous –

Progress is slow, but continuous –

To highlight the successes, the Army released a video showing the drone strike on a battery of M777 cannons supplied by the United States. The destruction of material sent by NATO is an ongoing message

Russia and Ukraine are like two blades consumed by fencing. A challenge no one knows if there will be – and where – Possible breaking point. News of the Russian gains arrives from the camp, substantial though not decisive for the outcome of the war. The focus is on the Lyman areaAnd in Donbass, in the middle of the triangle formed by Izyum to the north, Kramatorsk to the west, and Sferodonetsk to the east: in the Donetsk region, it had a pre-war population of 20,000. The The Russians surrounded him on three sidesA stressful maneuver carried out for days.

despite the losses, Progress is continuous, albeit slow: Kyiv itself admits this, confirming the warnings of independent observers. The Russians have spread, also confirming the successes with pictures Video showing a drone strike on an M777 cannon battery provided by the United States. The destruction of material sent by NATO is an ongoing message. Putin’s forces advance occurs despite analysts continuing to insist on troop shortages, logistical difficulties and usury for units.

Different Possible explanations.

1) Known firepower Artillery. It hits day and night.

2) Barrage – where possible – followed by commando raids. The lighter cores crept into the opposing lines. Resistance sources complain about the lack of night vision goggles, equipment owned by Conquerors in greater numbers that confer advantages. A multi-axle maneuver against a severely injured side.

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The results will also fall short of the Kremlin’s initial expectations and ambitions, but they are always bits of territory stolen from opponents. Putin also has an advantage: him to determine what victory is. And Mariupol Surrender, by creating a boardwalk along the coast, helps tell stories. The Russians took 959 prisoners and In the Azvostal Tunnels Only the leaders of the resistance are now left, probably about fifty: now They plan to demolish steel plants and it is not clear if they are willing to exchange prisonersCode De-Nazification promised by the Kremlin.

Zelensky’s soldiers respond with a strategy of erosion: Military, Psychological, Propaganda. In the Kharkiv sector they have The Russians were forced to retreat. From here they can try to influence other fronts, but also Threatening the rear across the border. For some analysts, Defenders are also regrouping, they keep troops in reserve to plug a potential breach, and also rely on the flow of Atlantic aid. Videos are out In training With Polish and Western armored tanks, a new unit is probably in the process of being formed.

In the opposite trench, the army was forced – as the British 007 says – to take refuge in it Great use of auxiliary staff: in particular there will be Thousands of Chechen militiamen are concentrated in the Mariupol region And in the Lugansk sector, although other sources limited the presence of the National Guard of the dictator Kadyrov to a few hundred. Fixing numbers is still complicated. Still according to London, they stay Personnel problems and those related to the chain of command. And Moscow itself recognizes the difficulties, as explained by Deputy Chairman of the National Security Council Rashid Nurgaliev. The senior official reiterated that the special operation would continue until its goals, including the disarmament and disarmament of Ukraine and the defense of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, were not fully achieved.

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