Israel deploys Unit 504, “Army of Spies,” and pursues Hamas: What is it?

Israel deploys Unit 504, “Army of Spies,” and pursues Hamas: What is it?

“The Israeli government, the Israel Defense Forces and security forces will continue the fight to release all those kidnapped, complete the elimination of Hamas and ensure that Gaza does not pose a threat to the State of Israel.” This is what the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a statement issued after reaching an agreement with Hamas to release the hostages in exchange for a truce in the fighting in the Gaza Strip. but this is not all. The agreement between the terrorist group and Tel Aviv was “designed to facilitate” the release of other hostages in addition to the fifty who would be released in the first phase. This is what a senior American official believes after reaching the agreement. Meanwhile, there is still a lot of talk about the fate of the Israeli Prime Minister and his responsibilities in not being able to stop the threats of the Islamic political and paramilitary organization. There are rumors of a reorganization of roles, and according to the Jerusalem Post, the 504th will increasingly be at the center of operations.

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But what is it? The reason the IDF decided to give more importance to Unit 504 is that it was crucial in identifying and targeting hospitals in Gaza, beneath which, as we now know, the terrorist group’s organized power centers are hidden. According to what the Israeli army announced, since October 7, Unit 504 has interrogated more than 500 militants, and since the beginning of the ground operation in the Strip, it has arrested at least 300 Islamists and “marked” hundreds of sites linked to terrorists. Activities.

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This team of spies, looking again at what we read in the Jerusalem Post and as El Jornal reported, received thousands of calls from all those Palestinians who chose to side with Israel and thus stand against Hamas. But in addition to being crucial in conducting investigations and tracking illegal activities, Unit 504 created software that allows visualization of Gaza City and thus was able to uncover numerous tunnels through which the group was able to infiltrate and communicate with the outside. .

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