The god of war asks for food and drink

The god of war asks for food and drink

Ares was the god of war in Greek mythology. He was the most hated god in all of Olympus. He represented pain, destruction and death. He was an extremely aggressive, reckless, obsessive and vindictive personality. It seems that Ares has woken up and is asking for food and drink. Yet, for most Europeans today, the word war has always been associated with other countries or continents. The possibility that the armies we pay for with our taxes would participate in a potential global conflict has not entered into any future hypothesis. This is no longer the case. Everywhere, calls to rearm and prepare for potential conflict are rising.

When we see what is happening in Ukraine and Gaza, it is not difficult to imagine the great nonsense that is being prepared. The war machines are already working at full capacity, manufacturing all the necessary cannons and shells. The grill in which thousands of souls will be roasted is now being prepared. From the higher spheres where power lies, they will talk to us about honor, country, values ​​and everything else. But what is just around the corner for many people is death, destruction, hunger, and the impossibility of living a reasonable life, of enjoying small moments of normal joy to which all human beings aspire. Everywhere and in all languages ​​around us, the cursed word is repeated: voyna, Milkhamah, harb, Krieg, war… War.

The so-called geopolitical reasons for the ongoing conflicts boil down to one thing: all the powerful on earth want to drink their toast from the same cup, which has become smaller and emptier. Behind these conflicts, there is nothing more than a great movement of the major world powers to dominate and exploit the world and emerge victorious from the permanent crisis afflicting global capitalism. Both authoritarian capitalist regimes (China, Russia, India…) and liberal capitalist regimes face increasing difficulty in maintaining the material bases of their systems. We live in a desperate struggle to maintain access to essential resources (fossil fuels, minerals, raw materials) against the backdrop of a confrontation to define global geopolitical hegemony. Faced with the great paradox of the decline of a system based on impossible, unlimited growth, the powerful of this planet have chosen struggle, not cooperation, which is the only strategy that can save us.

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For any number of geopolitical reasons, I will never be able to understand why thousands of men would one day stand in front of each other and shoot each other while bombing non-combatants going about their daily business. I will never understand why there are people who live between abstract convictions that feed on human flesh and blood, and turn the rest of the people into victims of the tools of destruction they possess, of their machines that kill and torture them.

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