Blinken in Kiev reaffirms his support for the Ukrainian people: “Use him alongside Ukraine”

Blinken in Kiev reaffirms his support for the Ukrainian people: “Use him alongside Ukraine”

The United States stands with Ukraine. This is the message that emerged from the US Secretary of State’s visit to Kiev Anthony Blinken. Blitz who works to reaffirm the Biden administration’s line at a time when mixed signals have been received from abroad about what policy to pursue. For some time now, the American media has re-launched very few optimistic rumors about the present and future of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Amid criticisms of inadequate training, and fears of failure or of a longer and more exhausting war, many anonymous analysts, Pentagon and intelligence officials have repeatedly highlighted shortcomings in the military operation that could decide the fate of the war and Ukraine itself.

blinkinwho had arrived in the capital of the conquered country, wanted to quell these suspicions with a very clear statement: “We returned to Kiev today to meet with our Ukrainian partners To discuss their ongoing counteroffensive, future assistance and reconstruction efforts, and, most importantly, to advance continued U.S. engagement with Ukraine.

Words that went hand in hand with words he flattered regarding “progress” in the counter-offensive in KievBut also with another message relaunched by the head of the Foreign Ministry, which is that the country must have the means for a long-term perspective, because “aggression must never happen again.” That’s why Blinken came to the table in Kiev carrying a new $1 billion military aid package.

As proof of this commitment, The US actor met Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on the train to the Ukrainian capitalHe discussed with him the issue of supplying F-16 fighters to Kiev forces. Copenhagen has committed to delivering 19 aircraft by 2025. This is not a decisive revolution for the conflict, but the picture shown by the United States and Denmark served to confirm the role of these deliveries also with the aim of being used by Ukraine at some point. – The future of war. Hence, a long-term perspective as the war continues. The Ukrainians are advancing south, the Russians are trying to push east, bombs from Moscow continue to rain down on conquered territory, and drones from Kiev are trying to strike deep into the Russian Federation.

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Deputy Defense Minister Hana Malyar said that since the start of the counterattack, Kiev has recaptured more than 40 square kilometers around Bakhmut.. On the contrary, the Russians believe that about 66,000 Ukrainians have been killed since the beginning of the summer campaign, as Vladimir Putin spoke of the failure of the counterattack. The two versions are opposite: the only tragic certainty is the blood that continues to flow. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky reported that 16 civilians were killed in the latest Russian raid on Kostyantinivka in Donetsk.Moscow’s drones continue to target grain depots and ports, crippling grain shipments across the Black Sea.

And the Bucharest authorities announced that the fragments of one of these planes crashed in Romanian territory, and thus NATO. president Klaus JohanniHe spoke of a “serious violation of sovereignty.” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has criticized those who criticize the timing of operations in Kiev, but the stalemate – also underscored by senior officials in the government and the armed forces – is clearly a reminder that Western aid is a breath of relief. Fresh air is essential. The aid that Washington clearly wants to see. This applies in particular to the fight against corruption in the Ukrainian agencies.

the words of the Lithuanian President Gitanas NausedaHe is certainly not guilty of rethinking his support for the Ukrainian cause, he has been clear. Imagine if voters in a country saw that there were very clear corruption scandals in the country to which aid was directed. Noseda explained that this would be a serious blow to the reputation of this country. Zelensky has already reassured allies of his readiness to fight this scourge, to the point where he proposed the wartime equivalent of corruption to the crime of high treason. Dismissal of the Minister of Defense Oleksiy ReznikovThe president, battered by heavy corruption allegations that have rocked his department (but not his person), is moving precisely in the direction that the United States and NATO as a whole have asked for. in its place Rustam Omarovone of the most important advocates of the Crimean Tatar community, who now has to run the ministry crucial to the country’s fate, and in particular control the management of the flow of aid from the West, starting with the latest package presented by Blinken.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry PeskovHe wanted to make clear that this new agreement “will not be able to influence the course of the special military operation.” But beyond propaganda, it is clear that Moscow is also evaluating all options on the basis of American participation. Moreover, even the head of Russian foreign intelligence, Sergei Naryshkin, admitted that “consultations between foreign intelligence and the CIA are of a rare but regular nature” in order to “relieve international tension and misunderstandings between states.” An indication that the line with Washington is not considered broken in the corridors of Moscow.

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