Primavera Roma – Torino 2-2: Match report

Roma – Torino, Primavera 2021/2022 live match: official squads, pre-match, news, scores and results

The Primavera Championship is back and Torino is back on the field as well, after an unfortunate draw against Lecce in the face of the many chances they had. He will face the leaders Kopeteli today and it will be a new dive into his Gilorossi past for the coach. Roma-Torino will put the team that tops the standings on one side, nine points off second place while the grenades are part of the consistent full-back who is chasing the team. playoffs. Follow the Roma-Turin Spring live on

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Spring, Rome – Turin: direct

48 ′ at Turin corner, the Giallorossi defense moves away and the referee blows the final whistle.

47 What a danger to defend Rome: a chance for Turin! The Giallorossi tampered with the edge of the area and Pagani almost didn’t take advantage of it. As work continues, grenades conquer what will be the last corner

46′ corner for Roma: However, the ball was taken out of the defense with a grenade

45 ‘There will be three minutes of recovery

43 ′ Torino’s Punishment From left: The bomb squad doesn’t take advantage

41′ Another change for Turin: outside Payten, inside Rosa

38 ′ Last Substitute for Rome: Morecelli comes out of Kofi

35′ Double replacement for Turin: Inside Caccavo for Akhalaia, inside Ciammaglichella for Di Marco

32 ′ Substitution for Roma: Ndiaye leaves the pitch and enters Pagano

32′ when reversing in front of Missori goes off the wing and goes down just before entering the zone, while the ball ends at the bottom. Gilorusi protests

31 ‘Penalty from the edge of the zone: Anguri is hit but his left foot hits the barrier

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30 ‘Accept Moreshelli

28 ′ Chance for Akhula: Di Marco sees and serves Akhola, who enters the area and tries to conclude at the near post, but does not surprise the goalkeeper

25′ double substitution for Roma: out by Satriano for Cassano, also out by Vulpato for Tahirovic

21 ‘Workers accept the protests

18, Torino tries to appear in the Roma half, with more continuity than in the first part of this second half. Payetin tries his shot on goal from a narrow angle instead of sending Akhya two steps away from the goal

14 ‘Accept to Savini

13′ Torino Replacement: outside Garbett, inside Anton. Zanetti also comes out, in Gineitis. Kopetelli changes his system and passes to 3-5-2

10′ An offside was reported in Baeten which created a good chance

6′ Turin gains a few meters and earns a penalty: Mastrantonio in a high grip makes the ball his own

4 ′ Another Roma in this second half: on a free kick from a dangerous distance Roma but everything stopped due to a signal from the assistant referee

1 ‘Roma’s goal: Voelkerling is on the spot as the protagonist. Ball number seven horizontally on the edge of the zone, hook Volpato, enters the zone, dodges two opponents and overtakes Milan

1, collapsed, beat Rome

An alternative to Rome: Inside Voelkerling, outside Volpato

The teams are back on the field ready for the second half

the other half

46 ‘The first half ended here with Toro leading 2-1 over Roma

45 ‘There will be a minute of recovery

43 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Payetin did not miss a penalty kick, the eighth goal of the Torino striker in the league

42′ Penalty kick to Torino: Ndiaye’s foul on Akhalea. The Moldovan striker stumbled in the area and there is no doubt about the referee

41′ Aerial clash in the Giallorossi between Missouri and Nguesan, Roma player still on the ground but nothing serious for the second man.

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39 Rome tied. Missouri Record. Guilty alone is the second man in Rome to collect the ball after a tower from one of his teammates and beat Milan

37 ′ Missouri always tries but this time he shoots straight on goal, no problem for Milan

36 Gypsies are dangerous as Missouri crosses the area but neither of the two comrades can deviate

34′ Race at the moment in Turin: Garbett tries from the outside, high score

30′ Taurus is about to double! Anguri sees Akhya and serves him and the sliding striker misses the goal with a thin hair

27 ′ The referee saw a handball in the bomb area, while Roma complained of a mistake asking for a penalty kick.

26 Di Marco’s Acceptance

25 Gooooool Turin! Two byte record! The striker recovers the ball from a distance of twenty meters, then moves it with his knee and enters the area and hits Mastrantonio with his left hand at half a height.

23′ Roma loses the ball a few meters from the edge and does not exploit it as Zanetti would like, who sees in the area his shot deflected for a corner.

22′ drudgery up front frustrates a good chance for Torino: Zanetti’s candidate for Angouri in the area, the full-back slips but still manages to put her in the middle where Ajalia, as predicted by the Giallorossi defence.

17 ′ cross extended from the right by Missori, the ball crosses the area and is removed by diving from Milan: De Rossi’s team is trying to leave their half

12 ′ Roma is trying to get away from parts of Milan but with a little luck

9 ′ another corner conquered by Turin: Angourie is out of the flag as always but defending Rome releases well

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8, Turin conquered the field in the last few minutes: the grenade maneuver developed over everything on the right, on the Garbett-Baeten axis

6 Closing two bytes! To the left of the striker from the right corner of the area, Mastrantonio veered into a corner

3, Balance at the moment in Tre Fontane: any serious business must still be recorded

1, parties: Turin kicked off

first half

Primavera, Rome – Torino 2-2: Match report

Networks: pt 25, Baeten, 39, Missori (R), 43, Rig Baeten, st 1, Volpato

ammonites: pt 26 ′ Di Marco, st 14 ′ Savini, 21 Faticanti, 30 Morichelli

Rome (3-4-1-2): Mastrantonio. Ndiaye (32′ Pagano Street), Morichelli, Vicar; Missori, Faticanti, Tripi, Rocchetti; Volpato. Padula (1st Street, Voelkerling), Cassano. AvailableBerti, Baldi, Tahirovic, Satriano, Di Bartolo, Zajek, Loakim, Fitkal, Valaska, Kofi. Coach: De Rossi.

Turin (4-3-3): Milan, Pagani, Nguishan, Reale, Angouri; Garbett (13′ Anton Street), Savini, Di Marco (35′ Ciammaglichella Street); Baeten (41′ Rosa Street), Akhalaia (35′ Caccavo Street), Zanetti (st 13′ Gineitis). Available: Vismara, Polenghi, Wade, Dellavale, Lindkvist, Giorcelli, and Antolini. Coach: Kopeteli.

Spring, Rome – Turin: where to watch it on TV and live

The Roma – Torino match will be broadcast live on Sportitalia 60. The match will also be broadcast on The live web will be on

Primavera, Rome – Turin: official line-ups

Rome (3-4-1-2): Mastrantonio. Ndiaye, Moreshelli, MP; Missori, Faticanti, Tripi, Rocchetti; Volpato. Cassano Padula. Available: Berti, Baldi, Volkerling, Tahirovic, Satriano, Di Bartolo, Zajek, Luwakima, Pagano, Fitkal, Valaska, Kofi. Coach: De Rossi.
Turin (4-3-3): Milan, Pagani, Nguishan, Reale, Angouri; Garbet, Savini, DiMarco; Bytein, A-cells, Zanetti. Available: Vismara, Anton, Ciammaglichella, Polenghi, Wade, Dellavalle, Lindkvist, Rosa, Giorcelli, Antolini, Caccavo, Gineitis. Coach: Kopeteli.

Roma Turin, direct

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