Is menstruation affected by the covid vaccine? This is what science says

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Numerous studies Conducted on the Covid vaccine, many positive statements that confirm how safe this vaccine is And useful for dealing with an epidemic: surely the only possible weapon out of the tragic predicament that has put the whole world on the ground. Among the doubts that have been raised about the efficacy of the vaccine is certainly the possibility of it having side effects on the menstrual cycle. But let’s see What does science and accredited studies say? conducted in this regard.

In Great Britain, there have been more than 36,000 reports denouncing the possibility of an interrelationship between the above symptoms, given that it cannot be ignored as I have published Victoria is Lecturer in Reproductive Medicine at Imperial College London, in the British Medical Journal. In the article published by Male, some external studies that monitored women on regular cycles for a period of time before and after vaccination were cited. It turns out that some women have delayed menstruation after vaccination.

Lsa Viora, President of Aogoi, Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Italian Hospitals recently commented on these data calling on everyone to be careful but not superficial: We must not be underestimated or underestimated Reports from women about menstruation and possible delay After vaccination, but as the World Health Organization also clarified, the vaccine has no negative effects on the menstrual cycle, flow, fertility and pregnancy. So we can reassure women who have been vaccinated or who need to be vaccinated.”.

Issa Fiora: “So far there is no firm biological explanation…

Gynecologist Viora is keen to confirm the safety of the Covid vaccine And that studies have not verified the existence of a true biological relationship. the The reason for the delay of the period can be due to various reasons It is not necessarily related to the vaccine: “So far we have not found a biological explanation that would make us believe that the vaccine, Which leads to an immune response in our body, Your menstrual cycle may change. “

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Then he reassured the doctor by emphasizing the importance of the vaccine, but at the same time he indicated that today is more than it was in the past It is necessary to listen to women and some of their harassment Which can also affect the cycle:My opinion is that it is necessary today to listen to women and collect their observations with a scientific methodBut at the same time we relieve anxiety. The vaccine is safe and there are no contraindications.

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