March 30, 2023

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Primark, here is the official opening date at Centro Campania

We still have to wait for Primark to open at Campania Shopping Center, and there is great anticipation for the opening. Here is the official date.

Primark It will open in the Campania Shopping Center and there is great anticipation for the opening. After fixing some dates, the opening will be postponed to next December 19/20, thus in the process of the Christmas holidays.

At the inauguration, hundreds of people who have been waiting for the opening in Campania for a long time are expected and we can bet that there will be a long line carrying some Christmas purchases.

Primark It will occupy about a third of the area where the former Carrefour was located until a few years ago.

Primark Group

Primark is an Irish apparel company belonging to Associated British Foods with outlets in: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Ireland (with pennies), Netherlands, Portugal, UK, Spain, USA, Italy and Slovenia.

Arthur Ryan opened the first Primark store, still in operation, in June 1969 in Dublin, on Mary Street, with the brand pennies. After its success in Ireland, expansion into neighboring UK followed, opening a superstore in Belfast in 1971, before expanding to four more stores in England in 1973. In Ireland, the company operates under the original name pennieswhile abroad invented a new name, Primarkas the JC Penney chain of stores already existed, with a registered trademark.

It has been present in Italy since 2016.

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