“His life is in danger” is a dramatic accident for the singer. dynamics

“His life is in danger” is a dramatic accident for the singer.  dynamics

The famous singer had an accident that could have cost him dearly, but he survived thanks to the doctors.

nick He is one of the most popular Italian singers. his real name Philip Nevany And the beginning of life was rather stormy. He was not an excellent student, was often rejected and did not want to study.

Thus, he helped his father work in the fields Modenabut during this hard work, he never lost the desire to cultivate his passion: Music. Therefore, he decided to found, with various attempts, youth teams that he played with in some clubs RomaniaHe refined his style more and more.

Nick is known for his strong stage presence and also The timbre of his voice is very close to Sting’s. In the 1991and participate in Castrocaro Festival and up to me. Thanks to the success achieved, he is able to publish His first album is titled “Nick”.

In the 1993 Participate in San Remo Festivalin the youth section, bring up the song “in you”which puts him in the ranking Third. During that time, Nick feels another joy: He gets to know Patrizia Facundio and the spark strikes immediately.

In 1994 he won the European Prize as the best young Italian And the In ’97 he sold more than 600,000 copies thanks to the album containing his forte: “Laura isn’t there”.thanks for which he got Triple platinum in Italy and Spain, which guarantees him a place among the best Italian musicians.

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The journey life takes to Nick for which he could have lost everything

Even if you live a perfectly fulfilling life, misfortunes don’t look anyone in the face. And Nick knows something about that. Indeed, while he was at his country house grazing the fields, it occurred to him An accident that could cost him his career, if not his life. Patricia Facundio, his wife since 2006, and their daughter Beatrice Neviani are very worried about their beloved husband and father.

But what happened on that tiring day? Simple: Nick, while using the circular saw, cut off his hand. or more precisely, He almost completely amputated his index finger and middle finger, which also affected all the other fingers. The singer said:

“If I stay longer than necessary in my country house, waiting for help, at worst I would bleed to death At best, I would have lost my senses. Instead, I had a calm head to take the car and drive to the emergency room in Sassuolo.”. The surgery he underwent was complex and went well 11 hours. As the singer said:

“I feel like a kid, because I get some movement back in my hand every day. I still have moments of frustration, especially in the morning, because getting a hand back in is so annoying.”

Luckily nick He did not lose his life nor the use of his hand exceptAs he himself stated over and over again: “This incident taught me to appreciate each day as if it were the first.”

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