Prices in Europe and the United States

Monday, November 15th

Business accounts: Terza trimestrale per Dhh, Ivs Group, Pierrel, Reply, Salcef, The Italian Sea Group, 4Aim Sicaf e Valsoia.

Dividend: Coima Res divides dividends (0.1 euro per share)

EU meeting …: The Foreign Council of the European Union meets until November 16.

… And the European Parliament: Meeting of the Commission on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament, with the inquiry of Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB.

Economic Forum: The Economic Forum organized by Suddeutsche Zeitung takes place today. EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen speaks in the video.

Opinion on agricultureEurostat publishes economic accounts for agriculture; Data on end-of-life vehicles; International trade in goods.

From the rising sun: Japan GDP, annual variance (previous. 1.9% previous -0.8%) and quarterly variance (previous. 0.5% previous -0.2%), private consumption (previous. 0.9% previous -0.5%) and industrial production (pre. -5.4%).

Beijing data: China releases October industrial production numbers (previous. 3.1% previous. 3%), October retail sales (previous. 4.4% previous. 3.5%) and unemployment rate (previous. 4.9%).

German price: Germany publishes October wholesale price index, monthly (previous 0.8%) and annual (previous. 13.2%).

European trade: European trade balance data released for September (previous. 4.8 billion previous. 6.5 billion).

From the United States: The New York State Manufacturing Index was released in November (previous. 19.8). Auction three-month (0.045%) and six-month (0.065%) Treasury bills.

US-China conflict: Virtual summit between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Italian budget: Bank of Italy issues a report entitled “Public Finance: Debt Demand and Debt”. This monthly publication divides data on general government debt demand and total debt into sub-categories: Federal Government; Local administrations; Social security companies.

Meeting: Financial Community Week 2021 takes place in Milan with the inaugural conference “Italy’s Recovery Plan: Reforms and Investments”, attended by many, including Italy’s CEO Matteo Del Fante, Giuseppe Castagna, Banco Bpm CEO, Enrico Giovannini, Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Movement.

Tuesday, November 16th

BTP Futura: The settlement of bonds issued on Monday, November 8 expires today.

Nice footwear in Porsche: Borsa Italiana Euronext Growth is expected to make an announcement to trade in Milan, while the opening of the trade will take place on November 18.

Prices: Estad announces Consumer Price Index for October (previous, plus 3.10%). The same data comes from France (previous., Plus 0.5% on a monthly basis and plus 3.2% on an annual basis).

Jobs and GDP in Europe: Eurostat reports third-quarter employment growth and GDP growth in the third quarter on an annualized basis (previous, plus 3.7%) and compared to the previous year (an additional 2.2%).

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Business accounts: In the fourth quarter Caleffi, Cattolica, Compagnia dei Caribbean will talk to researchers on the same day. From London, the Vodafone Group’s half-year. Conference Invitation to the IVS Group.

Budget bill: The President’s communications on the content of the budget bill in the Senate and the Budget Committee’s opinion on the same provision are on the agenda.

Mario Tracy and Pensions: PM meets CGIL CISL and UIL leaders at 17.30 in Palazzo Chiki. Pension reform is on the table.

G7 Finance: G7 Central Bank and Finance Governors Meeting. EU Commissioner Pavlo Gentiloni speaks on video.

Biden vs Xi: Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold a video conference with US President Joe Biden.

Dawson Al Miss: Minister Giancarlo Giorgitti briefed MIC on the latest results of the company that owns the television rights to Serie A football, and for the safety of consumers, Tasn’s leaders.

Vetria controversy: Terni opens the table in the presence of the company and the unions to manage the crisis situation of the company and its 130 workers.

Tax reform: The Alberto Prambila-led Social Security Travel Research and Research Center in Rome (live streaming) presents the eighth fact-finding survey on tax revenues and welfare funding as part of the Monitor on Public Expenditure and 2021 Revenues.

O’Leary and Gentleoni: EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pavlo Gentiloni holds a video conference with Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary.

Data from the United States: U.S. data explode with October retail (previous., Plus 0.8%), import price index (previous., Plus 0.4%), efficiency utilization ratio production (previous., 75.2%), and industrial production index (previous., Minus). 1.30%) compared to the previous month and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Home Market Index, which records sales of single-family homes and expectations for future new buildings (previous, 80).

EU Security Council: EU Defense Ministers Meet in Brussels.

Occupation of Great Britain: The Average Income Index measures the change in the average price of labor, including premiums, in September. The wait is over 7%. There are also employment data for September.

Corporate America: Walmart & Zee Equity Quarterly Expected.

Wednesday, November 17th

The future of Boujnah and Piazza Affari: Informal inquiry by Euronext CEO Stephen Bouzna into the Chamber Finance Committee on issues related to the group’s coordination strategies after the acquisition of Porsche Italina.

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Foreign trade: Istad Announces Import Prices and Trade Balance in September.

Prices in Europe: Eurostat reports the General Consumer Price Index for the month of October on a monthly basis (previous, 0.3%) and the major consumer price index on an annualized (previous, 2.1%) basis. This is the second survey.

Inflation in Great Britain: It starts from consumer prices in September for October (previous, plus 0.4%) and year-on-year (previous, 2.9%). This is followed by data on October (previous, 0.5%) and annual (previous, plus 5.9%) manufacturer prices.

Council of Europe: As of today, Italy will be in charge of the Council of Ministers of the Organization of the European Union.

From the United States: Building permits issued in October and the opening of new construction sites on a monthly basis (previous, minus 1.6%) will be announced.

Japan: Outgoing data on machine orders and trading stocks

Corporate America: Accounts of Nvidia, Cisco, Zoom Technology.

Byte’s accountsThird Quarter Results for Chinese Internet Company.

Beggar argues with Vestager: Google CEO Sundar Pichai video conference with EU Commissioner Margaret Vestager.

Thursday, November 18th

Iveco’s plan: Iveco Group Investor Day in Turin, with a presentation of the strategic plan. The company will be listed in Milan from January 3.

Prada and FuturovCapital Market Day in Fashion Group Streaming.

Quarterly: Colin Pharma in the fourth quarter. 2020-2021 Annual Accounts of Thyssenkrupp in Germany.

Alibaba does the math: Chinese e-commerce company’s second quarter results are coming.

The desk in the mouse: Deputy Minister Alessandra Todde calls for Treofan Italy schedule in liquidation. There will be representatives from the Umbria region, the artist, Ark Partners and Jindal, as well as representatives from Confindustria Umbria and the unions.

The pulse of the car: Data is available for October in Italy (previous, plus 62.6%) and in the previous year, minus 32.7%. The same numbers will be reported for France and Germany.

Public service: Aran joins Public Employment Associations to continue negotiations to renew the contracts of ministries, tax agencies and NGOs.

Speak GentleonivPavlo Gentiloni, in-charge of economic affairs, delivers a keynote address at the “Conference on Atlantic Overseas Economic Policy on the Path to Epidemic and Recovery”.

From OECD: The organization presents a report on inequalities in Paris

American industry: Production index coming from Philadelphia Fed in November (previous, 23.8, expected 21.5). The Economic Conditions Index (previous, 24.2) and the Billy Fed employment (previous, 30.7) are also coming up.

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From the states: Messi’s quarterly and weekly unemployment claims from Washington.

Biden reopens in Mexico and Canada: US President Joe Biden welcomes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lpez Obrador to the White House. The Democratic administration wants to restart the summit of North American leaders abandoned by Donald Trump.

Rates in Turkey: Central Bank issues interest rates. In October, the second cut of the year allowed interest rates of 18 to 16% for a new cut in interest rates to 200 basis points.

European Union and Poland: EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reinders’ visit to stay in the country until November 19.

Friday, November 19th

The pulse of the industry: Industrial sales data for September are published monthly (previously 0.80%) and annually (previously 13.80%).

Stellandis in Germany: Meeting between the Economic Ministers of the three German regions to evaluate Stellandis’ plans for its Opel subsidiary and to prepare a response.

Summit in Frankfurt: In the presence of Christine Lagarde, President of the European Bank Congress ECB and Jens Weidmann, President of the German Federal Reserve.

Eurostat: The agency publishes data on globalization, housing costs and rail freight and passenger transport.

From Japan: Data on consumer prices for the month of October (previous. 0.1% previous. 0.1%) and Consumer Confidence Index (previous. -17 previous -18) will come.

From France: Unemployment data released in the third quarter (previous 8% 7.9%).

From Germany: German Manufacturer Price Index for October is Monthly (Previous. 2.3% Previous. 1.7%) and Annual Data (Previous. 14.2% Previous. 16.1%)).

From the United Kingdom: November Consumer Confidence Data Coming (Previous-17 Previous-18).

Release: Bank of Italy issues report on financial stability; Balance of payments and international investment level; Friuli Venice The Economy of Giulia, Lombardy and Buglia – Combined Updates.

Saturday, November 20th

Confindustria Report: Presentation of the 2021 Report of the Industrial Situations of the Confederate Research Center in Rome “Production during the Epidemic. Recovery and its Unknowns”.

BNRR, Ethics and Finance: “General implementation of ethics and finance, NRP and the well-being of citizens” in Bologna with Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgietti.

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