Crazy Grout: US Ratings Strategic Inventory Release

While the world economies are looking for a renaissance, Kovid believes that the worst is behind them, the protagonist. Crazy raw. Unstable oil as an estimate. Right now, we are at $ 83 a barrel of crude oil. A little for China is omnipotent and powerful, Which constantly asks for energy to take off and fly higher. A little for Very violent speculations Of the financial world. Thus, the United States is considering issuing strategic shares.

That means you can get Washington’s strategic petroleum reserves to lower crude oil prices: the more you put into circulation, the less it costs. And vice versa. The second goal is to reduceInflation in the United States: In October 2021, it increased at a pace not seen in 30 years. It also severely undermines the electoral consensus in favor of the US president Joe Biden.

So, the White House tenant turned to the Federal Trade Commission: he pushes it to react to market manipulation in the energy sector to change inflation.

Another problem for Biden to manage: Last semester, labor shortages pushed wage growth of 5-6% at an annual pace in the states. Not compatible with 2% inflation.

Crazy Crude: What opportunities

What is the oil trend? Brent prices have risen more than 60% this year. And it reached a maximum of three years $ 86.7 on October 25th: Fear spread in financial circles that day. All of this is supported by the recovery in demand (especially from China) and the reduction in supply introduced by OPEC (the most powerful organization of petroleum exporting countries).

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In international electronic circuits, the prices of oil and petroleum products continue to travel under the sign of volatility. In Italy, the thought of being able to take more gasoline to stay at home is really frightening 1.8 euros per liter. Tries to break even the wall of 2 euros per liter. Or more. Not a weird hypothesis like many weight monitors. They pointed out.

In parallel, the dollar is strengthening against the euro. Furthermore, OPEC in its monthly report expects demand to increase to 99.49 million barrels per day in the fourth quarter of 2021. If crude oil is pumped less, there is a risk that its price will rise sharply.

There is a guarantee: for motorists, at the petrol and diesel station, they are painful. Also two-thirds between the excise tax and VAT have been severely affected.

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