USA holds more wealth than the 1% middle class: Weekly Schedule

After a steady decline in recent years, the wealth of the American middle class has recently undergone a decline Historically preceded by 1% of the rich.

In particular, data released by the Federal Reserve revealed how the middle class of the first economy held wealth Decreases to 26.6%, the lowest number since this type of survey began 30 years ago.

On the other hand, i The super rich, the infamous 1%, Saw their share rise, even here it is a record, 27%.

Distribution of wealth in the United States. Source: Bloomberg

Infectious triggers do not stop the course

According to statistics, the middle class makes up 60% of American households based on income. It has a population of 77.5 million Annual income between 27 and 141 thousand dollars (Census Bureau data).

For this category, the chart brings one Progressive erosion of possessed wealth, An event that could not stop even the maximum stimulus programs launched during times of epidemics (by the end of 2018 this figure was 26.8%).

American middle class wealth since 1991. Source: Bloomberg

Between 1990 and 2021, the wealth share of the US economic apparatus increased Falling over 10 percentage points (At the end of June 1990 it was 36.2%) The first 1% figure has risen by almost the same percentage (Was 17.3% in 1990).

As for the 1% of the rich, in this case we are talking about 1.3 million people with an annual income of $ 500,000, The increase in epidemic allocation led to the acceleration of the process, Which was 26.8% at the end of 2019.

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